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Cat Club

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13th Street and Broadway, New York, New York


Cat ClubOwners:
Pat Kenny and Art D'Lugoff

Roy Webb
Tommy Gunn (director of music and promotions from 1985-92)

Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana

The Cat Club - located on 13th St. and Broadway in New York City New York. Opened in 1984 with direction by Roy Webb legendary club operator from "The Salvation" "The Electric Circus" "The Copacabana" fame, bringing D.J. Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana with 12 years of experience to be the resident DJ until 1986 and then DJ Paul Casella took over.

Photos of below submitted by Dino Calvao
Description: Here are some pictures of the Cat Club taken the first year it opened, DJ Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana is in Florida today. One of the pics is of the staff on stage and one with Billy Idol his girlfriend worked there Perry so he was there almost everynight when she worked.
Cat Club Cat Club Cat Club Cat Club

Photos below submitted by DJ Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana
Cat Club Cat Club Cat Club Cat Club

Photos below submitted by DJ Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana
Cat Club Cat Club Cat Club Cat Club

Photos below of The Cat Club Dancers submitted by Kat:
Cat Club Dancers
Cat Club Dancers
Cat Club Dancers
Cat Club Dancers

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by Luis Mario "Flaco" Orellana


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Sue |

My sister and I partied at the Cat Club when it opened in 84. What a trip. Jerry Leskode, Bill Moser, Tommy Kenny. I recall dancing on the stage (alone) and they gassed me out with that smoke machine. My metal spiked wristband rusted. The funky bathroom with the Final Net hairspray and the 3 teens kill 4 graffiti. What a blast. After getting blitzed there we were off to Page Six. 30 years ago. Damn I miss those days.

Michele |

anyone have any pictures of Hank - the doorman from the 80's? Thanks

Emmaxmissile |

Saw Karen's post I was the English blonde girl Emma -Paul B s girlfriend. Karen, Michelle, Terese Momi - we all hung out! 84/5. Do you remember when they were filming A Chorus Line? What a blast!!

Tommy Gunn |

Quick update Hey jack how the hell you been! JJ bartender is is doing well i think he has a used car dealership somewhere.. billy is doing tech support. Hank passed away.. so did jay...I think i am easy to find on google under blog .. oh what the hell i am not supposed to but here it is tommy-gunn.com any of my old friends can reach me there..

T |

I remember the Cat Club. So many wild memories from the early eighties!! What ever happened to Jay, the bar tender? I hope life turned out well for her!

Jack the bartender |

Hi gang,

Tommy G, I keep missing you. I guess you & Timmy Kenny stay in touch. I missed Tommy Kenny's party to close Kenny's Castaways (& missed the Cat Club reunion prior). Great pictures. Some day I have to post some of mine. Good to see Theresa & the dancers. Now that Don's gone (& Cal, Hank, Jay Siano, etc.) I have no way of getting updates about the old crew so please let me know if anyone's around. Good to hear Paul survived & congrats on the kids. I have a couple now too here in Jersey.

Be well everyone! Jack

Rick Starmer |

Ahh yes, My head encased in a kaleidoscope of patchouli and neon. Bullets of of electric sex piercing my brain riding a wave of tequila through my veins. Hello everybody and thanks for the fond memories

Rick Starmer |

ahh yes, my head encased in a kaleidescope of patchouli and neon. Electric bullets of sex piercing my brain coursing through my veins. Hello everyone, and thank you for the memories.

michele |

Does anyone remember the big security guy - Hank?

Kayleigh Lane |

Late 80s at the Cat Club - constantly! Met David Bowie there and Billy Idol as well. Remember a regular closing mix that included Bella Lugosi's Dead. Amazing freaking times! Fond memories of Jay the bartender (thank you!), Tommy (remember a birthday celebration of yours oh so fondly), Mark - and so many others. Remarkable memories - thank you to Cat Club, and also to Kenny's Castaways.

Gloria Sanchez |

WOW...I can't believe I found this post, I used to hang out at the Cat Club almost every Wed night, what wonderful memories, it was the best rock n roll club in the world!!! Hey Tommy Gunn, you know who this is, hope u r doing well, if u ever see this post! Rest in peace Don, God Bless you,..This was the Cat Club to me...Jay the bartender, Don, great bands, Joey Ramone, Rip, Elec Dave, Jerry, Arturo, Skin n Bones, Naked City, lots of great musicians, always being drunk....thank you Jay :) it was a incredible time!!! And I wouldn't change a thing...If you were part of the fixtures on Wed nights at the Cat Club you'll know who I am.....lol....such wonderful memories, sctap bar, limelight, ritz. Hello to all X Cat Clubbers...:)

Joe Giordano |

I was going their in 1986 had good times their remembering dancers in cages


for the kind words on my dancing"(i go by my first name now
which is Adolfo and laugh at my stache"
i forgot about it"...lol those were interesting times indeed. tack care

Kelly |

I worked at the Cat Club for a couple of years on wed.and sat. nights as the coat check girl and box office. I left in nov. 1990. I had a lot of fun working there! I also worked at The Bitter End for about 2 years previously. I loved the metal bands and the new wave music on saturdays. I remember Tommy, Don and Pat.

Bernadette |

I wrestled at the Cat Club in 1985 against Holly Hughes, whilst over from London (My first & only time)...I wonder is there an archive of pictures anywhere. I was so proud of my gold lamé outfit which I ran up on the sewing machine for the performance. There was supposed to be mud... but we ended using cans of shaving foam! Oh, and by the way, I won. Think by holding her in a neck clinch whilst sitting on her!

Ps. ..and I was billed as an International Mud Wrestler...as if! ;-)

Wayne |


Thanks for the clarifications. Would you know how to contact Billy G? my email is waybro(at)aol(dot)com, oh and Hi Stacy, One of these day's I'll meet Paul at the gym, I haven't forgotten.

Tommy Gunn |

Ok first let me clear up some minor mistakes. this is listed at roy web as owner false.
Roy web was the director at the time the the owners were Pat kenny from kenny's castaways on bleeker st and Art D'Lugoff who own the village gate. I started at the club as the host and then i became the director of music and promotions from 85-92.

Steve the black dancer lol! you were an amazing dancer! an i remembered you as steve. actually more at steve with the little mustache hehe. Kat wast at the club for many years another outstanding dancer! billy g is doing tech support with computers.

Steve you were an amazing da

Steven(the black dancer(LOL) |

WOW.......this is truly a blast from my past.
thanks for the mention of my name" i too was one of the cat club dancers( the black guy....lol along with jay she was also one of our group/ i remember the good and the bad"i remember that damm dry ice machine/leaking all the time..and the smoke machine would have us choking...lol"
i thank perry lister/don(rip) and roy webb because they really good to me as a young dancer.
and treated me so well
which help mold me into the dancer/chore./and now house music recording artist. have worked and lived all over the world. take care to all

kat (aka k.a.t) |

I was one of the original Cat Club dancers. I danced with Perri Lister (then Billy's girlfriend and our choreographer) Terese, lil Debbie, Momie, Steve and later Michelle and Angel. Danced there for several years... It was one of the most memorable times in my life! I remember and am still in contact with most of the dancers and Tommy G. I have some pic's I can add, if anyone would like to see them. Several years of my life... and so many amazing memories... Thanks for remembering the Cat Club... it was a time that I too, will never forget. RIP Don, you were the one who made it all happen, and, you changed my life... you never knew it, but I am who I am today, in part, because of you. <3 ...Would love to hear from anyone who was there when I was... karen

Wayne |

What ever happened to Billy G. ???

Wayne |


I've been looking to hook up with Paul. I worked with him at The Cat Club as well as The Limelight.

DD |

Hey Stacy ... find me on facebook and email! More private...
Talk to you soon...

Stacy |

@DD Got it, saw them. Thank you!! They were shooting video that night, do you know if thats posted anywhere? So do you know Paul or did you just go to listen to the music?

DD |

@Stacy ... Hmmm... try Bobby's wife on facebook ... they were on her page

Stacy |

Link* I should say...

Stacy |

@DD. not sure either... how do I see these pics, the app is not allowing me to...

DD |

@ Stacy ... Still trying to figure out how we didn't catch up with you and Paul at the reunion last July! Saw you two in the photos afterwrds... :[

Alex |

I only started going to Cat Club in '88, but then I was there every weekend for the punk/new wave nights. Nothing else like it: best music, good people. room to dance. Some of my best memories were made there. :)

Stacy Casella |

With you on that Dorin! I remember the first time going to The Cat on a Wed. night. I didn't know, but it was punk nite and I went "normal". I thought it was Halloween... When I heard Paul mix those songs, I thought to myself "what a slammin' DJ this guy is... who would've known I'd end up marrying him! yep... 24 years and 3 kids later...

Tommy Gunn |

Yep that was me.
I am no longer doing real estate at the moment.
I am writing a book aobut the club life right now.

GeeBee |

I used to visit a Club called Cat Club, when I was studing in Princeton. We talk about mid 80´s ok.
In that very club, based in the Village, rather well etablished musicians stopped by (Toni Iommi to name just one of Black Sabbath ok) They used to jam then with other equal famed musicians, and yes, the best was the chicks hanging out there ok.
So I read Cat Club´s now all over the Big Apple Square. But does any body have the original Village Club adress for me. Since I like to say a few words on my own website to that great old place.

Dianne Cort |

What is the phone number to the cat club?

jeff wagner |

what year did Joe Bonamassa play at the Cat Club with Larry Mitchell

Russ M |

I was sittin' at the bagel shop near my house at 14th st& 1st ave in Manhattan when I see what appears to be a real eastate broker in a suit and tie looking at and talking about a building across the street with 2 guys. I immediately suspect who the broker is, go home and do some googling, & sure enough, the broker was the one and only Tommy Gunn.Anyone remember him as the promoter who was behind the Wed metal night's?

Dorin |

Can't listen to Tears for Fears without thinking of Casella and many nights at The Cat Club!


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