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Kenmore Square, Boston, Massachusetts


Henry Vara
Brian Wallace

Rene Samson

Lucifer's staff:
Carl Midgette (GM)
Jimmy Olsen (manager)
Dr (PhD) Deano Saluti (head bartender)

This page is for the Boston nightclub called Lucifer's. At the height of the hustle and centrally located (off the Green line) close to all the universities in/near downtown Boston and Cambridge... What a great time!

Photo below from Tiki Murray
Description: This is not my photo, a little bit before my time, although I was there during the blizzard of 1978.

Photos below submitted by Tom Vera.
Description: Billy Paris and the Upbeat w Juri Christie. 12 piece show band. Played Lucifer's for full month 4 times a year between 1969-1971. Briam Wallace Henry Vara days. Many great after hours parties.
Billy Paris and the Upbeat w Juri Christie. 12 piece show band
Billy Paris and the Upbeat w Juri Christie. 12 piece show band

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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LarryP |

Played downstairs at K-K-K-Katy's many times. Our band was The Chain Gang, then Chain, 1969-
1972. Played the whole K. Square area - Rathskellar, Boston Club, all the Allston/Brighton dives
(especially The Groggery and Bunratty's). Early on we all played The Combat Zone, too. Plenty of
gigs and not a lot of really good bands so the good ones worked all the time. Agents and club
owners would actually come to see you play or book you on a good recommendation. Also worked
for Carmen down at The Mill Hill often, always a crazy time. But the band house was the pits - worst
I ever was in. We still had fun. That was in the 60's & 70's when work and fun were both plentiful.
One name I don't see mentioned and and who was a real giant in the Boston Scene was Mickey
O'Halloran's. Mickey really knew his way around and knew the best bands and where they
would fit in best. He was very good to us. Sadly, he's been gone for some time. A really good guy
and honest, too. Those days will never come again. Too bad.

Janel |

Hi Everyone! I'm working on a country music documentary and I'm trying to find some archival photos of the Honky Tonk bar the Nashville North in Boston that's been referenced above in previous comments. I was wondering if anyone here has or knows of someone that may have any photos (especially exterior shots or something with "Nashville North" signage) that I could potentially include in the documentary.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks all.


Ron D. |

Carmen Vera was Henry's brother and he was in charge of the Mill Hill Club in West Yarmouth. I am sad to say that we lost both Carmen and The Mill Hill Club. I have wonderful memories of Carmen, I worked for him every summer back in the good ole days. I was there the week before, and the week of July 4th. These were the biggest two weeks of the summer. The week before the 4th Carmen was having his usual Saturday night. There were close to a thousand people in a club that had seating capacity for about 450 people. In comes the fire department and they inform Carmen that he is over capacity which he angrily denies. they inform him that there would be a firemen at the door the following weekend which was the 4th of July. I watched Carmen the following week and knew that he was hatching a scheme to prevent the upcoming catastrophe on the fourth. On that night the line to get into the Mill Hill started at the door and went Half way down the street. The firemen was at the front door ... clicker in hand. Carmen ordered his door men to bring a ladder around the building to the other side of the club. They hoisted the ladder and began to signal people at the end of the line around to that side of the building where they climbed the ladder to the roof top through the emergency door in the balcony and then down the stairs to the main room. And by the way these people paid a cover charge at the top of the ladder. In a little less than an hour the firemen stood staring at his clicker that had betrayed him and looked in horror at the sea of people enjoying their fourth of July. In all the time I knew Carmen I never saw him laugh as hard as he did that night. I don't know what became of the firemen but we and Carmen had a great 4th of July. Thanks Carmen. May you rest in peace.

Ronnie Lewis |

I just want to thank Henry Vera, Brian Wallace, John Beale, and Carmen Vera for giving us the opportunity to work at the Kenmore club and the Mill Hill Club. Lewis and Clark was one of greatest experiences of my life. No matter where we traveled in the country other musicians would ask, do you guys work the Kenmore club in Boston. We were blessed to work with so many outstanding musical acts: Macs Mob, Mickey and Larry, Mason and Dixon, just to name a few. We were in love with our business, which was very competitve and very rewarding. How I miss the days of the night clubs. I'll be starting my 45th year in music in 2015 and although I still love the business it will never rival those days. So to everyone who made the Kenmore Club what it was may I thank you.

Jimmy Olson |

David D. Wow good to know where you are.... Im living in Florida now, near Boca.. I see Henry when hes down here...had lunch with him a few weeks ago... I'm sort of retired, spend a lot of time on my boat..... give me a shout at
jkellyolson@yahoo.com or on FB Jimmy Olson looking forward to hearing from you.....

Dave D |

Hey all you disco kings and queens out there..... Just ran into this blog/website. Worked with a lot of you guys in the 70's and early 80's at all of the Kenmore Clubs. Worked front bar at Lucifer/Narcisuss for much of the time. Dino is my cousin and we worked the front bar a lot together. But the reason I fell on this website is that last night I ran into Brian and Lorna Wallace at a restaurant in Mashpee on the Cape..... They look great and believe it or not Brian is 82!! Plays tennis every day! I am on the Cape most of the time now on Seconsett Island in Mashpee with my wife. My son ia going to be a senior at Villanova University and is working for PW&C as an intern this summer...... Jimmy O..... Good to read you comments. Not sure if you are still near Philly but if you are, I am down there visiting my son periodically and it would be great to catch up..... Loved those days at the Mill Hill Club.... Also just sold our home in Medfield. Henry's son Christian lives there with his 5 or 6 kids!! Used to see him around town..... Best to all and leave me a note or e-mail me!

linda |

Worked at all 3 bars at the Kenmore Club in the 70s. Started at Katy's as a waitress with Joe Mawn and Chuck Lally. Beaver brown band was one of the bands I remember then on to Yesterdays as a bartender with Zach, Keith and Gus. Filled in as a DJ at yesterdays and even Lucifers. . Bartended one night at Lucifiers much to the chagrin of Dean Saluti. but had a blast. So many crazy memories. Dr. Bop and the headliners and Lewis and Clark were there often. I also remember BB King and the Trammps.

Lynne |

I was the coat check girl at Lucifer for quite some time.

Thomas Vera |

Played there with 12 piece show band between 69 to 71 Billy Paris and the Upbeats. Played a full month 4 times a year. Us and Younger Brother and Lewis and Clark sort of house bands. I was going to Berklee and playing 7 nights a week and still managed to graduate. Youngsters lol

Mazi |

I was a teenager Persian guy with a few friends and used have our own routine 3 person dance on the stage at Celebrations night club downstairs in 1977-1978, knew short hair blond cute girl name Kathy who liked horses and dated Marianne, the owners daughter, I would give a handsome reward to anyone that has a video from us dancing there on the stage and some of the hustle dance contests!

Helen |

I worked at Celebration's around 78-80?. My sister Maryellen worked upstairs at Lucifers. I worked at the time with Darcy (Darcy you went to Smith College and dated a guy from MIT. I remember Jimmy, Melinda and Zach. Jimmy you were the manager downstairs at the time. I remember a few of the girls (Darlene, Patty). Also a very hyper, but nice bartender John. To this day I do not eat the bar fruit after he clued me in on where the Cherries came from. Those huge barrels in the back where who knows what went into them!!!! Very fun times, and good memories.

Jimmy Olson |

I remember Darcy.... and I think Helen.....

maryellen |

Hi Tiki My sister was not my twin, one year younger. Her name is Helen. She worked with Darcy downstairs. I remember your name as well. Cant believe how many years have gone by. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jimmy Olson |

Thank you Tiki... you also...peace and love ! xo

Tiki |

Hi Jimmy, I am doing great. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Jimmy Olson |

Yes Tiki, those silver dresses with those ridiculous hats were awful.... somehow I think Donnalynn had something to do with the design..certainly didn't make the girls look sexy !!! how are you by the way??/

Tiki |

Maryellen, was your sister a twin? I think I remember you. I was there the same period. Those gross silver hats were the worst!! It was a very fun time in my life. I worked the Stephanie Mills show too.

maryellen |

I worked at Lucifers and my sister worked at Celebrations 1977-1980.Great memories. I don't remember many names. I remember Roxanne Zack and Melinda. Jimmy the bartender who went to Harvard Law School. I remember Henry Vara and Brian Wallace sitting at the bar keeping an eye on things. Stephanie Mills night. Thought it would be a big tip night! Ha Ha. Always had fun. I liked the black skirts and leotards. Uniforms changed to silver something with ugly hats. Had to quit when we had to wear those. Great memories.

Enzo Smith |

Played KKK Katy's in 74.75 & 76 with "The Dead End Kids"
Some great local bands played there "Sound Trek" was one of them.
"Love Lace" "Calamity Jane" were all great.
And the Show Bands played upstairs in Lucifers. They were cool too.
Ahhhh... those were the days my friendz !!

Deborah Friedman |

As a teenager in the 1970s, Lucifer's (Lansdowne St. and Zelda's) were the places to go. Afterwards you would go to eat at Aegean Fare or Ken's. I remember "Mad Dog" and John Beale. I recall seeing "Fabian" who became mesmerized by my sister's beauty. I saw Aerosmith at Katy's downstairs. I was one of those crazy girls who wore Goodie Too shoe wedgies as I ran out of The Other Side while some crazed partier shot into the crowd.

Pete Smillie |

I worked the floor at Lucifers in fall '69 -'70 during my senior year at BU. It was an eclectic and often hilarious scene then. Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield played there without Bill Medley. Tommy Roe of "Sweet Pea" fame was laughed out of the club. Micky and Larry were popular locals. We were listening to Hendrix, Clapton, Creedence, the Doors all the while...

Stephen Kaplan |

Mike read the post under the Sugar shack. Not nice to almost losing my life to the Mob.

Mike |

I know Rudy aka Hippo my whole life. He knew my mother when she was pregnant with me.I am now 58 I have always had fun working for him and hanging with him. If you owed him money that was a different story. He had wise guys on his back. It was you or him. I guess he picked you.

Stephen Kaplan |

Rudy a nice guy? Bull !!! never met a loan shark tied in with Peter Fumara and the Mob in the 60's who was a nive guy. Mike you must be smoking weed at the time.

Guy Novello |

I worked the door at Yesterdays, then Katy's during the mid 70's. Keith Langdon managed Yesterdays..Rick O'Donnell was head bartender..fun. Joe Covello was the head DJ. I worked for Joe Maun at Katys, then Chuck Lally. Lots of great bands: ITMB, Johanna Wilde, Bozo Rock Opera. Ritchie Kaplan and Michael Hagen were the head door/floor men. Like everyone else here, I had some great times and lots of stories...I remember the Lincoln Limo.

JimB |

Wow. Bringing back some memories. I was stationed in Boston with the Coast Guard Nov '72-June '73. My liberty time was split mainly between the Yeserday Club and Nashville North. Went to Lucifer's once and K-K-K Katy's once. They treated us real well at Yesterday Club. I don't remember names, now...After a month at sea some of walked in. The band was just finishing a song when the lead singer saw us. He said, Ladies, these three guys just returned from being at sea protecting our coast and saving lives. Go and ask them to dance. Then he said to the waitress, You know what want, bring their drinks, on me, to their table while they're danceing. Then they played Color My World by Chicago.

The one time we went to K-K-K Katy's...It was a Saturday. We spent most of the afternoon as some big bowling alley, I don't remember where it was, then headed back to the ship to clean up and go back out to Yesterday Club. As we approached the base, the gate guard came out to meet us and said that if we go on the base he can't let us leave again. The base is restricted. When we asked why he said there was a mob shooting in front of the base. (The Coast Guard base is in Little Italy.) We turned around and headed back to the city. Since Yesterday had a dress code and Katy's didn't, that' where we went.

denco9 |

Do you remember Smegma and the Nuns. As far as I'm concerned their was only one kick a** band in Boston that was Smegma and The Nuns. Understand J Geils has been over at a place called the Red Bull near Townsend, not sure bout that though kind of rumour has it!! Do you remember the Liberty Book store and the Mop and yellow Bucket filled with durty putrid water always near the booth area and the slippery when wet sign and the smell of amonia? Uh do ya memba Essex Liquors or Happy land or was it Playland? Remember a place called the 5 th Ammendment? Was that a book store or bar ?? Do you remember the Slipper? Memba Skippy Whites or Mickey Finns? HMV records? Woolworths? Murphys Law? Mulls? Red and White CAB Co. Courier Dispatch 100 Topeka St. Ever been to Nancy Whiskey? Ever been to The Dot near NSTOB?? Old Peter Pan Bus Line near the Station at 2 am all night storage lockers? Remember the Gray Line? Ever been on a boat Kalled the Islander?

flyinby |

Lucifers great place and i use to also hang out at Kens Restaurant in A room. Another joint that was really cool was Cunnighams in Dorchester the bartenders were Cookie and Steve also hung out at Mikeys place across the street Rose i think was the bartender their. Use to hit the Tap in Brighton think the bartender their was a Katie McDonald. I still have my Evil Knievel dolls and talking GI Joe from the 1960.Does anyone remember a place called The Phoenix Room and Mavericks? Miss the Emerald in Dorchester think the bartender their was a guy called Jonny McCarthy? Remember the blizzard of 78? Best you tube i like is "Robot Pimp" on you tube. Miss Sammy Whites.

XR750 |

u tube--animal house toga toga toga toga ---1869 Beacon St Brookline Health-- Dean Wurmer played by Board of Health Fiorekingarthur^v^circa/1970 -- 1986

maico mc 501 |


John |

Great to stumble on this thread! I've been collecting material here and there over the last few years to hopefully put together a book detailing the history of nightlife in boston from the 60s until today. So many great clubs have come and gone over the years, and there are so many great stories... If anyone is interested, here is a fantastic picture of the outside of Lucifer, taken in 1976. It'll probably bring back memories for a few people...


Mike |

Yes. Rudy Guarino aka Hippo

Stephen kaplan |

Does anyone have information about brian Wallace. I was Brian's roomate on Anderson street on Beacon Hill and we worked at your fathers mushtach and then lived with jack kearney on Myrtle street when he opened Mothers with Doug thayer we all hung out at the 7's 77 charles street. Are you talking about Rudy garrino known as Hippo?

Namphuyo |

Wow , Thank you Mike ! I will look into that. I have always felt that I was born in the wrong time. You can't go out and have fun like in those days anymore. I really hope I get a chance to see Rudy. I'm sure gonna try .

Mike |

I've known Rudy well my entire life. He is now in a nursing home in Las Vegas as he is now in his 80s. I hope you get the chance to meet him. He was and still is a extremely cool guy. He had a way of conducting business like no one you've ever seen. "No Rules" was his way and it always seemed to work for him. I knew your Mom back in the day. Such a sweet lady and what a voice. Your aunt couldn't do justice as to how much fun those days were. You just had to be there. Good luck. Mike.

Namphuyo |

I heard so many stories about those days from my aunt Jeannette . She always said they were great times ! My mother Betty Wright used to perform in those clubs , and Rudy was also her manager. I am told he was my godfather , but I never met him. I know he was very instrumental in keeping my mother in the spotlight in those days . All of this was before my time.

Jeff Lawrence |

I spun for Bud Ballou and his Oldies Show at K-K-Katy's on Tuesday nights during the mid-70's! I used to hangout there on Friday nights with the gang from Burlington! We had a great time there! Remember Aerosmith, Buck, Calamity Jane, Live Lobster, Beaver Brown, Evelyn "Champaign" King, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy all playingthere! Pitchers of beer and the picnic tables! I went back in the 80's when it was Celebrations and spun Oldies on Sunday nights in he 80's with Pete Falconi when we worked at WVBF!

michael diamond |

I lived almost next door at miles standish hall 1971-2, Saw frankie valli there, but spent more time across the street at sizzleboard

lori |

Hi. I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I am searching for a guy by the name of michael george who was a bouncer at Lucifer's back in the early 70's. Any information would be great.

Rick |

I remember on Saturday nights sitting on the steps to Strawberries record store watching kids that went to Lucifers and kids that went to The Rat fighting on the street in Kemore Sq. Ah memories.

John M |


You were our Barback,then grew up to be a cruise director in Hawaii. Aloha Bra !!!

Leo Gianangelo |

Hi Darlene,

Just wanted to re-enforce your recollection as to what the girls wore......When we met at the club, it was some type of black top as you described and yes....a deep red vest over it> Those were the days right? Best Wishes

Alton |

with the sad passing of donna summer it got me thinking about my days at Lucifers. I was a fixture there for a couple of years....I think 1977-80 or so. Worked the floor, the door...sometimes dj for 1/2 hour or so before the real crouds came. I was just a guy who used to work in Louis of Boston so i would come to work in expensive Italian clothing and hope the big bouncer guys would take care of the problems....used to be a big guy...Tony Zollo i think who was a regular customer ...he an I used to work the light booth for some of the live acts...wow! what memories. I remember Roxy....long black hair...and recognize some of the names I see here on the sight...dino salutti....it was a long time ago and I have been gone from the Boston area since mid 80's. If anyone remembers me and wants to fill in some blanks it would be great. . The end for me came one night when Dr Saluti asked me to bring in some folks thru the back door leading from Yesterdays...Brian Wallace caught me....and fired me on the spot. Henry stuck by the decision...I was crushed...Lucifers was my life....arrive at 6 or 7....ice down the bars....work until 2 am.....clean up....go next door to Aegean Fare until 5 or 6 am and go home to sleep then do it all again the next night. I wish i could remember more....I'm sure I had huge crushes on many of the gals who worked there.....great memories( even though they are not complete)....Gloria Gaynor, BB King, The Tramps (I think) of course the others already mentioned on this sight. It ws a great venue back then. Thanks for reading...I'll bookmark the sight and keep checking in....Alton

lisa |

Looking for a newspaper article. That was in1978 or 1979 or 1990 that involved sailors in a nighclub fight in Boston Massachusetts with the last name ward

Darlene |

I was a waitress there ,early 70s for a few years. Had a great time. I can't remember most of the names but I do remember Louis and Clark and Prodigy playing there. We wore black Danskin tops with rhinestones with black skirts when I started and then I think we changed to red vests. I worked with some great people and had a lot of fun, sadly I can't remember names. Anyone remember me?

Faith |

Jimmy Olson is hosting a party.Search on facebook for: NARCISSUS CELEBRATION REUNION EVENT. It's on Saturday May 19, 2012 at RAIN NIGHTCLUB in Malden. It's on Facebook and you will be able to find some old co-workers there.Check it out.

katie |

I worked at Yesterday's in 1971 when Kurt was the manager. I don't remember the bartender's name, but if you didn't put out the right glasses, in the right calling order, he would throw the glass! Too funny.
I remember getting new outfits to wear. Green polyester wide leg pants (disco style) and gold knit shirts with gold satin cuffs and collars. And, of course, platforms were a must!! Good, good times.

Mike |

It seems that every time I start writing my computer will crash after three or four chapters, or ends up getting deleted somehow. I've started three times but never got past four chapters. I will attempt it again one day soon. why don't you friend my facebook so I can see a pic of you to jar my memory. the name is Michael Coppola.

M |

I loved your Dad! What a great guy. And Harry Marshall hahahah I was trying to remember the name of the rotund guy with the black framed glasses, he looked like a globe with his belt the equator. I knew your sister, I remember you.
Are you really writing a book?

Mike |

I grew up with Patsy, Vito and Rosanne and I'm am still in touch with all of them. Maybe you'll remember me by my dad. They called him Cigelo (or Chigello). He hung out with Rudy, Harry Marshal and Freddy Sarno. They stayed at the Castaways for three months every Winter.

lauri |

I feel compelled to post again, because mostly the posts are from before my time(which is awesome, because I am totally old!). Mid-80s: Marc Sachs, Joey Falcone, Gordie Williams,Eddie Romer, Deb, Hilary, Later me: Lauri (first official, regular, female head bartender) cocktails: Lisa Kopelman, Terri Dze(etc), Maureen shepherd,John O'Neil,Celebration: Greg, Craig, Michael Breen (still out there in the club scene, from what I understand).Later: Eileen, Rose, John HI to all of you! Where are Joey Falcone and Gordie Williams???

M |

Jimmy Hillard aka 'the silver fox'? I must have known you!
Patsy Bova was a barback when I was there and his sister Rosanne and I were buddies ..and remember Vito? hahahha and the group Foxy?

Mike |

I was a barback starting 02/01/1971 until FL lowered the drinking age on 07/01/1973 then I was a bartender on that day. The old staff kind of left for one reason or another then all the Boston crew came in. Jimmy Lawrence became The Head bartender. Then came Johnny Cool, Pepe, and Frankie Gormley as the steady bartenders. Freddy "erf" Torichio, Jerry Mafeo, and Anthony Coppola worked short stints there. Later on an outsider blended in rather well by the name of Gene Mullins. Only Jimmy Hilliard and myself were left over from the originals. I grew up in that place from the age of 17 till May of 1980 at the age of 25. Then I went on to work at Bootsies in Hallandale. I also went on to work for Rudy at 3 other places. Nobody ever operated a club like Rudy. Rudy had 1 rule and 1 rule only in his clubs... He would say "Don't hurt me. If you take too much we close and the party's over". LOL

M |

I worked at the Swinger for three winters as a hostess. I remember Joel weren't you the the d.j.? married a hostess tall thin short blonde hair, called 'Brillo' though, everyone had a nickname. I remember when new york people would come down and there were "tensions". I remember the great acts that played there, b.b. king, melba moore, b.j.thomas, natalie cole, gino vanelli, and always of course tavares! Rudy, Frankie and Freddie, what a trio! Mike were you the bouncer with a mustache? That worked with Dave? I remember all the Boston bartenders.


Hired by Vince in 1971

Mike |

Vince. I have to know you but I don't know why I don't. I worked in the Swinger's Lounge in the Marco Polo. It was either Feb. or Mar. 1972. and I worked there till it closed in May of 1980. I was a spring chicken of 17. The place opened on Dec. 21 1971. The owners were, Henry Vara, Rudy Guarino, John Polcari, Brian Wallace. The names of the opening bartenders were as follows. Starting with the Head and service bartender was, Ronny Ostero, Bartenders were, Jimmy Hilliard, Ralph Cimaro, John Winchester, Sal Abaise, There was one bartender whom had left just before I got there and he was replaced by Carl Angel. Billy "Billy Bad" Cresta was the GM But Henry's brother Carmine was always there too. Head waitress was Cindy Brownlee, Billy's sister Mauri Cresta was on the door with Iris Farrell. Carmine's right hand man Dave "The Forklift" from Cranston, RI was the bouncer and my roommate for a short while. Jeff Whalen was the DJ. When I got there Billy Bad was the GM and he was shortly there after (approx. 1 year) followed by Franky Savino, which is whom, judging by the time line, the blogger named Frank is talking about. About a year after the place opened all but one of these bartenders (Jimmy Hilliard) were replaced with 7 bartenders all from Boston. I could name all of them and there replacements as they left as well. I am in now in the begining stages of writing a book about my career behind the bar and the Swinger's Lounge will have a big place in it. It was my High School and my College (8 years worth) and every almost every one I run into from those days says "That was the greatest time of my life". Well I'm sure I have to know you and if you want to figure it out you can contact me at Mikeycop@hotmail.com Later, Mike.

Jimmyo |

Tiki !!!! OMG... was just talking about you to Lulu on FB... asked if she knew where you were... you have to get in touch with me.. jkellyolson@yahoo.com.. please ..asap !!!

Tiki |

I worked at Lucifers for a few years around 79-81ish. I had a blast. Todd, Mario, Dave D., Steve, Mark, Chris, the nicest bartenders I ever knew. And all the dancing (sometimes on the bar)! Lou lou, Roxanne and her half eaten tic tacs, Jimmy, Zack, my father hated his little girl being there the whole time! I would be be interested if a reunion comes together but I am not on Facebook so I hope someone can keep info on this site as well.

Leo Gianangelo |

Boy do I ever remember Lucifer's. I worked the front door for a while around 1971, hired by John Beale....remember taking phone call messages for Henry Vara....one guy only identified himself as "Patch"....a nickname I guess. Went on to study music at Berklee and ended up playing there 6 weeks per year with Mason Dixon and The Line, which was hands down, the best showband in Boston. Went back to school and then joined Lewis And Clark and The Expedition......great entertainers.....great guys.....played Lucifer's 4-6 weeks that year.....dated a girl there a couple of times but then moved to California.....Now, 33 yrs later, I find her on Facebook and gonna meet for lunch at Xmas time. Used to go there even when I wasn't working.....Golden Joe Baker........Dr. Bop and The Headliners featuring the White Raven......d*** Doherty (aka Dirty d***)......Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders......The Platters......The Happenings.......Day Break......Mack's Mob (the best musicianship of all the showbands) and many more.......Remember any others???

Jimmyo |

Patty, talk to me directly on FB ....I don't like exchanging messages on this site

Patty |

To promote the reunion and build momentum, I think we need a killer playlist....

Jimmyo |

Patty B., get on my FB page girlie so we can talk !!! lol

Patty |

I'm in for May 18th. What a blast. I'll ask Kim Levin, Terry Jones & David Leppo too.
Patty B.

Louise Afrikian Perrault |

Hey Jimmy, just responded so be sure to read. So good to hear from you! I left Narcissus in 1981.

Jimmyo |

Lulu.....omg just sent you a message on facebook...

Louise Afrikian Perrault |

Sooooooooooo many memories! I was a cocktail waitress @ Lucifers/Narcissus for 5 whole years working there as a 2nd job. So much fun it was. I use to dance my butt off there on my off nights. Hope Henry is well, and Frank too. I remember good ol' Jimmy Olsen. He dated my roommate Debbie for a while. I remember once I went to North End for one of the festivals and there was Mario acting his normal self...and Steve Hyland with his headlight stories. I could go on & on but not enough time to do it.


The main DJ at Lucifer's was Rene Samson. I DJ'd at K K K KATY"S for a while in 1976 and 77 and at Jaques, also drove HV's Lincoln limo. Rene taught me to spin.
Great OLD DAYS !!!

SteveM |

Kenmore Square in the late 60's was the place to be. I met my wife in January of 1968 at Sonny's. Loved their music - especially Soul Man and Hold on I'm Coming by Sam & Dave. I spent lots of time at Lucifer's as well.

Rosco |

I will check out facebook. Spinelli told me about a reunion.

Ross "Rosco" Cigna |

I was a DJ at the Yesterdays, Celebration & Lucifer's in the 70's. It was the place to be if you weren't on Lansdowne street. We had the best times ever! It was packed Thursday through Sunday. I'll never forget New Years Eve Playing till about 3:30am in Celebrations maybe a little earlier. and then opening all of the doors, even the back doors that led into the back alley!!! The rats were as big as cars back then and they used to wait in line to get in with everyone else...That's when I lost my fear of Rat's Tad or Joey or Butchie or Billy C. or Borden or Cosmo could attest to that......

Vince |

Hello again, Frank... the man whose name you're trying to remember that was the manager of The Swinger after me was Billy Cresta. Great guy... probably the No. 1 "swordsman" on the entire North Miami Beach (and other locales). Vince

DavidB |

Wow. I just found this. I played with George Olliver and Natural Gas at Lucifers back in the day. Great memories. Great music, big dance floor and good times. I remember another band at the time, the Younger Brothers. I also remember long sets, short breaks and being late getting on stage once. Some guy twirling his gun on the bar said "we pay on time so you play on time!" Never forgot that.

Cathy |

Hey on FACEBOOK they are organizing a Reunion.It's under NARCISSUS CELEBRATIONS REUNION EVENT.Former employees from decades past are showing a great deal of interest.One of the girls I worked with just sent me the link.Jimmy Olsen is one of the people running it.Should be fun.

todd |

I worked the front bar at Lucifers for over a year with Mario. : I worked the front corner - The crew was legendary- I moved to Florida and worked at Bootleggers in Ft Lauderdale until getting out of the business at 24 with amazing stories!

The Crew

Dicky Queeny - Tom Kelly- Sean O'Donnell- Mike O'Brien - Steve Lyons- Steve Hyland- Of Course Paul Zach - Carl- Patty- Many nights after work drinking beers with Sean and playing pool at yesterdays-

Faith |

Jimmy, I remember your favorite Celebrations bouncer "Speaker" remember when a girl socked him and he socked her back?.They would end up stumbling towards Lipstick in the back before he rolled them down the alley.

Jimmyo |

oh yea,, we always liked to beat people up... more people went out the back door of Celebration battered and bruised.... some deserved it...some didn't.. those were the old days !!!

Lauri Sickler |


I would say something about the apple not falling too far from the tree, but...oh, I just did.

I love that story - it took me back. Can't you just picture it?

Jimmyo |

Yes Lauri, that is HV's son Henry Jr. place on Gainsboro Street... and Henry Sr. is now 72...

Frank |


Don't worry about bragging, I enjoy the trip back, they were enjoyable times for me.

If we don't know each other I probably passed you going out the door while you were coming in the door.

I worked at Swinger's 2 for the entire time it was open, from August 74 until May 75. I worked the service bar 4-5 days a week. We had about 8 -12 bartenders and about 30-40 waitresses.

The old Monticello went bankrupt and a few gentlemen from Boston ran it while the bankruptcy estate was working its way through all the issues. Henry was one of the owners. Alan Bowles was the manager, he used to work at the Kenmore Square clubs.

Patch Sussman was the GM who was representing the owners, primarily Henry. George Saba was the service area manager.

I remember 2 head bartenders, Joe Lombardi and Teddy Gates. Teddy was also the head bartender at Gatsby's, probably at the same time that you were running it.

While at Swinger's 2 I did meet the Manager of Swinger's in Florida, he may have succeeded you. I do not remember his name but at the time he was about 40 or so, good looking guy, salt and pepper hair (although more gray), great tan, well dressed usually in a suit. We spent a few hours discussing the service bar and he was kind enough to try to convince me to come down to the Swingers in FL.

I worked at Father's 4 in Cambridge as a bartender from 72-74. A few of the managers were Greg Sands, Dennis (?) Rogers, and a guy named Dickie (I do not recall his last name). Barry Bornstein was one of the owners. Henry also had a piece of the place.

While at Katy's I remember a guy named Frankie, mustache and bushy brown hair. He may have been the manager just before you.

Vince |

Hello again, Frank... Yeah.. I have been trying to place a face for you too. Incidentally, I had been to the Swingers/Monticello several times soon after it opened. FYI. I am the one who opened and managed The Swinger in the Marco Polo Hotel in North Miami Beach in December of 1971. And... just before coming to work at the Kenmore Club, I was the manager of The Meadows (or Farley's Meadows as some called it) working for Norm Farley. My first job for Henry was manager of Nashville North and later opened my own little bar next door to Nashville North called Huggers (actually a lounge attached to the Sugar Shack). I also was the manager of Gatsby's in Park Square (for Joe Cimino, Jimmy McDonough and Derek Sanderson) while still running Nashville North and Huggers. One last bit of bragging. I ran the Mill Hill Club in August thru Labor Day of '70 and the entire summer of '72. That's quite enough about me (I'm guessing that's what your probably thinking about now) Write me back and tell me more about you. Thanks again... Vince

Frank |


We must know each other, although I am not able to place a face with your name.

I knew John and Kurt well. I believe Kurt opened a club\ restaurant\bowling alley in upstate NY around 1975 and had Alan Bowles as the manager. I worked with Alan at a place called Swinger's 2 in Framingham, it was the old Monticello on route 9.

I aslo remember Magoo's in West Newton well. I was going to BC at the time.

We must also know many others who worked in the business at that time.

Vince |

Hey, Frank... this is Vince DeMattia... I don't know if you remember me. I was a manager at the Kenmore Club in 1972 and part of 1973. John Beale was the GM and Kurt Rumpler was the manager of Yesterday's and I ran KKKaty's. I had a great time working there. I left in '73 to open my own place, Magoo's Saloon in West Newton. (and Magoo's Saloon next to Faneuil Hall in'76)

Frank |


I am not sure of any relations of Barry. He was a quiet, behind the scenes type person. To the best of my knoweldge he spent most of his life in the business and was well respected and successful.

I realize this was not much help.

Faith |

Frank, Did Barry Borenstein have a relative who ran a Jazz Club in New Orleans named Larry Borenstein? knew Larry all my life before I landed at out back at Lipstick.I own some of Larry's art collection.I used to come into the Kenmore club with a fake ID when I was 14 years old.Disco, drinking age only 18 those were some great times.

Frank |

Not sure how I found this thread, but it has been an enjoyable read.

I worked at Katy's in the early 70s, 70-72. I primarily worked the floor, I worked the door only when somebody did not show up. I also would do some spot duty at Lucifier's so I remember Beale and a few of the other names mentioned.

I remember Frankie very well, also Alan Bowles (Mad Dog). I worked as a bartender for Alan at Swingers in Framingham 74-75. Also worked for Barry Bornstein at Father's 4 in Cambridge 72-74, first at the door then as a bartender.

Chrissy from Boston |

Is that really you Jimmy Olson? This is Chrissy - Do you remember me? I worked there (mostly Celebration) in the early 80's.

jimmy olson |

Michael Breen and I used to sit in Celebration front bar after hours drinking and throw rocks glasses at them when they ran across the dance floor...we eventually got rid of them with some highly illegal chemicals provided by a Boston cop
but it did the trick !!!BTW Lauri was one of the best bartenders !!!

Lauri Sickler |

I was a bartender at Narcissus in the early 80s. I worked at the Agean Fare next door for about 3 years and then was recruited as a bartender by Jimmy. I found this website through Jimmy Olson, who friended me on Facebook a couple of days ago. What a freakout. Names: Bartenders: Gordie Williams, Mark Sachs, Joey Falcone, Eddie Roemer, Eileen, Decil. Cocktails: Lisa Kopelman, Maureen Shepherd, Terry Dzewaltowski, Rose, John O'Neil Floormen: Michael Dowd, John...Rose's boyfriend, Mike Caruso. Regulars: Larry, Kevin, and who was the guy that was supposedly connected who drank black Label and water in a beer glass?

I remember when we'd stay after hours and...drink...we'd see rats running around. I was close with Jimmy and Michael Breen so I knew that they had an exterminator come in, but they would have had to tear up the dance floor to get the bodies, so they just let them rot there and it STANK! I was at another club once and I overheard someone say "Narcissus is a cool club, but it smells like a dog died in there"! I have other memories, but I have to get back to work now...

Matty O |

That place could have stayed open longer if he wanted to keep it open. There was nothing left to do unless it was renovated extensively. If the place had been renovated, it would still be there today and it could have been incredible!! LEGENDARY!! The Kenmore Club was a LEGEND!! So many stories and so many different people who worked there all those years!!

Mickey |

Boston University owned the [property for years, after a murder of a student outside of the club. BU decided not to renew the lease, They tured that space Into a BU computer store.

Jimmy Olson |

Don't know exactly Cathy... I was already living in Florida at the time.. I left there in 1992

Cathy |

What was the date in 1993?

Jimmy Olson |

Lucifers became Narcissus in 1980. The whole building closed in 1993. Sad day for Kenmore Square

Rick |

Wow this is great stuff! I was in a band called Matrix and we played a lot of these places from Sept of '72 until March of '73. Our first gigs in Boston were at TJ's which later became the Rat. We also played both Lucifer's and K-K-Katies. Wore leisure suits when we played upstairs and grungy jeans when we were downstairs. I remember finishing a week at Katies and the next band in was Tower Of Power who later became one of my favorite bands. Those were the days! I am doing research now for a book...does anyone know when Lucifer's closed??

Jimmy Olson |

Sorry to hear about Butchie. A lot of really good dj's worked for me over the years in the Kenmore Club.
Gary, Vinnie Brand, Joey I., Kenny Tolson, Paul Vitagliano, Sammy, and Matty O. (the best !!!)

Guess the music scene in Boston is pretty dead now.

Mickey |

Your name sound familiar to me. You mentioned the OS. Another great club sorely missed. You must be what I always called a "Vera Boy" The brothers being smart buisness men, used their best employees at all of their clubs. Butchie fought hard. for over 10 years. take care.

Jimmy Olson |

Butchie the DJ worked for me not only at the kenmore Club but also at the Other Side and the Astor (all night disco) downtown Boston. He and Bobby Lawlor were the dj"s together. Sorry Butchie died he was a great dj.

Mickey |

Lucifer's was a great club. My best friend Butchie, who's been dead exactly 7 years today, used to spin records for the club (A Great DJ) We would go In during the day, the club would be closed, and we'd have a blast. They are sorely missed, both th club and Butchie.

Tom Bannick |

Knew Steve Fagan who worked door at Lucifer occasionally in early or middle 1970's.
A real enigma, could never figure out what he was doing there.
He drove a Ferrari, taught at Harvard Law, carried a gun and had a black belt in Karate and was he fast. Always friendly but serious. Made everyone pay, even wise guys and everyone seemed to like him he but rarely hung around.
When fights broke out he was the first person everyone would call.

Ron D. |

I worked the door and the bar at Yesterday's in the late '70s. I remember Paul Zack, Henry, Carl, Brian. ...

Dave Whitney was the manager at Yesterday's. Great guy. Fun to work for. Anyone remember him? I wish I could remember the names of some other people there, but the turnover was frequent and my memory is fading ....

J M |

Worked as Bouncer/Bartender at Lucifer's circa 75-77. Henry Vara and Brian Wallace owned the place. Carl Midgette was the GM. Head Bartender was Dr(PHD)Deano Saluti. The Tramps were the big Headliners with "Disco Inferno" and of course there was Dirty d*** Doherty and the Majority " ( Who was Denis Leary before there was Denis Leary). The upstairs bar wa a favorite for some very "Interesting" characters like the Martarano Bros and the rest of the Winter Hill boys (i.e. Whitey). Left Lucifers and worked at Jason's on Clarendon both front and back bars and later help set-up and run the downstairs Piano Bar. Left the Disco Life and Boston circa 78 never to return but I have great memories of it all. Just Curious, Dianne from the 70s Lucifers who posted back 08. You did not perhaps work for the phone company back then and live in Somerville somedays and at 219 Harvard St Brookline on other days.

John Randen |

Anyone remember Steve Fagan who worked the door at Lucifers on the weekends?
Heard lots of stories, anyone know him?

Cathy |

Jimmy, Been buried at work and on the go we will have that drink.I can give my contact info to Faith since we emailed a couple of times to pass it on so I can avoid spammers. Cathy

Steve |

In addition to the Kenmore Clubs, there were the Ratskeller (sp), and Mother's (street level) and Sonny's (basement) across the street. I met my wife in the later in 1968. These clubs are all gone now. Not sure what college age kids in Beantown do for fun now. Couldn't beat it then.

lor8682 |

does anyone know a michael george from lucifers 1970 1971

jimmyo |

Cathy, how do I get in touch with you???
give meaclue..would love to sit down and chat about
those days !!!

Paul Zack |

This is Paul Zack and I was the GM of the Kenmoore Club. Those were some great days and great people. I knew all those peopletalked about on this blog. We had some crazy days. Living in Fl. not running nightclubs.

Cathy |

Jimmy, Been in touch with some old friends from BU and the club how about a sitting down for a drink.As a married man you are safe and I visit Philadelphia often as an ATM machine at Penn State.College students are always broke.I can provide a junk mail account for you.Cathy

Faith |

Just spent 6 night's in Boston at a hotel and I ended up out at a couple of nightclubs between the Roger Waters "THE WALL" concerts.Some things never change, I actually missed the old Kenmore Club........felt like a teenager again.No parking tickets since I used taxi's.And watching all those new college students trying to get past the door with fake I.D's was hilarious! good times.

daver |

I remeber those clubs, I used to live at celebrations on the weekends. So much I ended up working there in 79 and 80 on the floor up at the door and behind the bar when they needed help there. I remember Darlene the hot waitress that worked there,I met her at Jasons after she left.Jimmy Olsen, a beautiful blond bartender that went over to Jasons and worked the front bar there. I remeber a body guard of Henrys nicknamed forklift who pulled out a gun one night when there was a fight outside of lipsticks.Cache,Boston Boston that was a great era that I was glad to be a part of.I left for the west coast in the mid 80's and live in the Los Angeles area where I work for a major defense contractor.I fly into Boston a couple of times a year and was in Kenmore square taking pictures not to long ago,sure looks different these days. I am on face book you may remember or you may not. David Rudis

Don |

Matt and Jimmy - hope all is well. Nice remembering the 4 years with Jimmy and Brian at the Kenmore Club and the 15years on the northshore with Matty. Best wishes from Miami....

Cathy |

Jimmy, I enjoyed myself at the club and remember having fun dancing to the music while working and with some really nice people.I did see one of the girls dancing and watched her slip on the floor where her skirt went up and she was going COMMANDO!now that was funny as hell.It has been nice to get in touch with others who I worked with like the girl who at least had pantyhose on when her skirt went up to "Electric Avenue" and she knows who she is ROFLOL. Cathy

Faith |

OMG!! I remember dancing on the bar, and breaking a few glasses stacked up.It was a fun place to cut loose after a few.Great times, I wanna be a 19 year old again.And yes the KC had coyote ugly beat years before they did it!!

Wayne M |

The song was by David London I think- Broadway and the city- and all the girls got up on the bar- way before Coyote Ugly

Dianne J |

A lot of good times at Lucifers.....anyone remember dancing on the bar?? So much fun

Mark |

I'm going to have to give Brian Wallace this web address he'll get a kick outa it.

Faith |

Spitting fire as KISS no wonder jimmy treated you so well, it would have amused me after the drinks and lines too LOL & regarding the CITGO sign it is off, I knew it was going to vanish from the night sky, must have read somewhere.I miss the employees & partying at the club with the exception of one of the managers: Peter who fired me, hate him!!.At least he got shipped to the "Swill Hill" down on Cape Cod.

Wayne M |

I remember meeting Jimmy after spitting fire across the stage during a halloween costume contest with a friend Ray who dressesd up as paul stanley, I went as gene simmons- 1980.
We may have broken the fire code but he was always good to me til he left- no lines, no cover, and usually a free drink.
Thanks Jimmy.

Faith |

We are back from Scotland~Norway after a month ready to send the last son off to university FREEDOM at last.Is the CITGO sign still up on top of the old Kenmore Club?.

Dianne J |

Shirley....Lewis & Clark & the Expedition! I saw them a few years ago, they played at my 35th high school reunion & they were terrific. They also play every year in Quincy @ the South Quincy Italian Festival!! Ronnie (lead singer) married a girl from Braintree.

That's all I got for you:)....
take care,

jimmyo |

Cathy, nope, not in Boston...living outside Philly
now.. I can't believe what went on inside the Kenmore club...afterall, I was there 17 years so plenty of memories.. have heard from several of the old gang..all doing well... married, kids
retired and so on.. all thats left is the memories !!!

Cathy |

Jimmy I do travel to Boston on a regular basis.Are you still there?. I am astonished that nobody has a blog or site devoted to the club for reunions. There was a disco somebody mentioned here would be nice to hear the old songs. And Happy Fathers Day to the men out there. Cathy

Shirley Kelly |

AHH THE DISCO DAYS!!!! I can't believe there is a web-site for Lucifer's! I went there almost every night with my friends to dance. Had to be mid to late 70s. Gosh so long ago. Brings back lots of memories. There was a band who played there called Lewis & Clark and the Expedition. Do any of you remember them? I also dated a bouncer there for a while named Steve Hyland. He was from Beverly. Big mistake. Do any or you know or remember him? Greatest time of my life.

Caperman |

Hey Patty,

Thanks for the update on MadDog. Didn't he go on to manage the Pointer Sisters? Everytime I drive by the alley by the Citgo sign I look down and wink.

We got one free beer after work. A few times we lost count and I took the green line home at 8 am.

I worked at Yesterday but I snuck over to Lucifer to catch Herb Reed.

Who was the guy with the white linen suit who showed up every Friday and Sat night. Was it Peter from Quincy?

How about the membership cards? Anyone working the door had to ask certain individuals for a membership card. Of course, we never had any membership cards but they tried every trick to get one. One guy offered 100 bucks.

The late Mike Tighe ran KKKatys. He was very young but his father wanted him to get a dose of reality so he made a call to Henry.

Henry-if you're out there. Thanks for the day trips to George's Island. Sorry I missed the festivities but I was occupied in the tall grass facing Peddock's Island.

I have Rock the Boat in my IPOD.

jimmyo |

Yes Cathy, now I remember you...Stay clear of me??? I guess everyone had my number back in those days...sorry... Are you in the Boston area????

Cathy |

Jimmy,I met Tammy before I started working there and she gave me survival tip's among them was steer clear of you.Now I can see why.I only worked a few times a week.I was petite with light blond hair from Virginia more interested in making my tips and going to school.I used to hide and do homework while waiting to be put on the floor.Does this help your memory of that era?. Cathy

lori |

does anyone know a Michael George from Lucifer's???

jimmy O |

Cathy, I don't remember you right now... give me a clue..I do remember Tammy, Rick Dube's girlfriend..Remember him??? He was a DJ upstairs.
Tammy used to work the coat check in Narcissus...

Fond memories...

Cathy |

I remember Jimmy,John,Michael,Tammy,Peter,Alan,Faith,Joy,Maria,Chrissy and I am not sure if you are the same Patty but there was a Patty and all the bouncers.Speaker was funny.I worked downstairs and upstairs depending on where it was busy.Hi everyone!.I think I was too busy studying and working to see Peyton Place going on behind the scenes.Are you all having a reunion someday before we are all members of AARP.Good times at BU and Kenmore. Cathy

Faith |

Jimmy guess you must be a Flyers Fan now,been in Philly the last 3 days watching the Bruins running the Flyers over with the Zamboni.Coming back to Scranton for a burial next week, how safe is Scranton?.I booked the best hotel in the city just want to be safe.The Flyers are going down!!


In 1973-74 one of the Managers of the Kenmore Club was a friend of mine named Vince DeMattia, who had managed Gatsby's in Park Square and Nashville North off Boylston St. and the Mill Hill club back in 1971, He worked at the Kenmore Club with John Beale, Frankie Melgar and Kurt Rumpler. One night when I was there, they all (the managers and some of the female servers and some customers)streaked across the stage in Lucifers while Herb Reed and The Platters were playing, continued upstairs to the balcony and then down to Yesterdays and up the alley to KKKaty's. That was a fun place. The head bartender at the Kenmore Club was Carl Midgett who tended bar downstairs in KKKaty's. The owners were Henry Vara and Brian Wallace. It was a fun place to go to. I saw Bill Medley there, too. Vince left the Kenmore club to open Magoos Saloon in Newton and later opened another Magoo's on Chatham St next to Fanueil Hall.

Rip |

Hey Jimmy, The stupid football idea, oh my god. I was number 44. I was longing to go back to the bow ties.
I remember Chris Olson, not sure Julie, how about Lisa Kopelman? Send me your contact info, you can use zzorna@yahoo.com its a spam address and Ill give you my good one.

jimmyo |

OMG Ed !!!!the same who had to wear shorts and a jersey as a uniform while tending bar !!! Brian Wallaces idea of course.. all the idiotic ideas came from him.. all the genius ideas came from me
LOL.... anyway glad to see your still above ground
remember Julie from Cleveland and Chris Olson???

Rip |

Oh this is great! Hey Jimmy, it's Eddie, remember Rip van Winkle, he slept for 20 years? Romex? Last time I saw you I think was at studio 54 about 22 years ago and of course before that was the Kenmore Club Daze....

Patty B. |

Boston based but as soon as I decide on my next career I'm leaving the snow behind. I'm a sun girl at heart. Vanity Fair had great article on Studio 54 and disco. Maybe it was that electric wildly pulsing dance floor that got into my blood - I'm up to my neck in brilliant but very sensitive (I'm an artist!) lighting and set designers, grips, gaffers, talent and stunt coordinators. If I remember, you didn't have unions to dance around, right? I have a 6'x 6' sign in the studio "Patty's Petting Zoo" which says it all.

Faith |

Jimmy if you are semi retired what line of work are you in.

Faith |

Patty, It was the lack of sleep, I get cranky or silly.Plus I can't eat fish (mercury bad effect on me) and am deathly allergic to shellfish, eveybody who comes to my home for a BBQ knows I get the best meat, Crosby's in Manchester-By-the Sea.Best butcher around.Sorry for the innuendo, got a hot date to see Garth Brooks in concert in 3 hours and yes I'm doing red meat for dinner.But I like how your mind thinks after reading that.

jimmyo |

Patty, are you still living in the Boston area???
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Wheaton College !!!

Patty B. |

Faith, I'm not even going to touch your last 2 sentences. LOL.

Faith |

STEAK!! had room service deliver a filt mignon after I arrived at 1 a,m in the morning and then I hit Smith and Wolensksjis for a nice aged sirloin.been going all night long ever sine MUSE played.Breakfast coming and then snuggled up in a comfy bed.I hope I make the 4th show of the week before my arteries look like d*** Cheneys.House rule growing up "never get between me and my fork when I was eating red meat, veggies, potatoes & fresh fruit.Ah breakfast in bed steak and eggs yummy!I would have loved to try the meat at your place with the sunset.Sounds like a place I'd really like.

jimmyo |

Faith, it was a really nice seafood and steak restaurant right on the water... 160 seat restaurant with a 40 seat lounge and 40 seat outside deck...beautiful sunsets every night...

Faith |

Dianne J. "TY" is somebody I remember very well.He scoured the clubs and Newbury Street looking for girls.He was a pimp.And Jimmy the Don Ceaser is one of the chains I adore it's a LOEWS HOTEL they do everything right.Each one has it's own quirky character, for instance Nashville's Loews has a pair of lions as you enter & they dress these concrete lions in some pretty comical outfits.The service is par excellence.When you have one of the Bass Brothers (owned downtown Fort Worth before 9/11 caught them on a margin call tanking Disney & the Bass empire) anyhow their cousin a fine southern gentleman is usually working socially in the concierge lounge for those staying on the top floors & he does it for free.Hey Jimmy what kind of bar was it, I recall a British Pub in that area back then?.

Faith |

Jimmy, Happy Easter.Please use sailingsbyc@aol.com to reach me.Will be extremely busy next 2 - 3 weeks packing for the equilavent of Operation Desert Storm.It was a fluke but many people I have not seen in a while, in some cases years are all converging in the same city over the course of the next 2.5 weeks.Looking forward to reliving the old memories. Regards, Faith

jimmy olson |

Faith, your right.. I do not belong to facebook..
so, if you want to trade e mails.... let me know..

jimmy olson |

Patty, I lived on an island called Terra Verde.. over the causway from Tampa, close by to St Pete Beach and Passa Grill..A beautiful place... also close to the pink Hotel at that time called the Don Ceasar..on St. Pete Beach..


Faith |

**** It's great walking down memory lane, but this is a public forum and many of us have spouses, children & other things not posted here****. Perhaps we sould find a way to connect in a private forum?****BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY****

Faith |

Jimmy, When were you living in the Tampa area and what part of Tampa?.Used to go through Tampa on business when my fiance at the time and I could coordinate our schedules.I loved the MGM we stayed at now an Intercontinental Hotel.Not far from the airport.Great steak place with fried green tomatoes in Plant City looked like a barn and a dump, best meat in the outlying area.Basically I know many parts of Florida rather well.Incidentally that former fiance owns a company that has been a family owned company and autumn tradition for at least 75 years.Happy Easter.

jimmy olson |

patty, I lived in Florida, Tampa area for a while.. owned a Restaurant there, guess who my bartenders were.... Fitzy and Gregg..Can you believe it??

Patty B. |

All things come full circle - love it.
My first night at the Kenmore Club was on Easter. Family scandalized. I was told to wear a bunny outfit. I still have visions of walking down the stairs on my first night so proudly wearing a costume that my roomie and I spend the day making. I'm excited and nervous. As I get lower to the Celebration floor .... the waitresses are lined-up looking like the cast from Sweet Charity's HEY BIG SPENDER. OMFG. And Me? I'm Dressed like a rabbit alright. An Easter rabbit LOL. Big white and pink fuzzy ears, a baseball size angora fluff tail on my butt and teeny tiny pink top and shorts. Craig and Fitzy laughing hysterically every time I tried to make a drink and my ears tipped into the shot glasses. Someone paid me 50 bucks for my 'tail' and I made more than all the playboy bunnies in fishnets. Looking back, I think that was the start of little naive Patty B growing very big balls - and now darlins, Auntie Mame's got nothing on me.

Happy Easter gang!


jimmy olson |

How about this Faith,I remember you falling down the steps in Lipstick and dis not spill a drop of your drink... Bailys..Brians office...

Its really me...

Faith |

This has to be an April Fools joke.We were both living in Philadelphia at the same time?.Granted we have several homes and the airport seems to be my primary residence.If you really are Jimmy what car did I drive & what was my favorite drink?.Now remember I could tell a fresh bottle from a stale bottle.It's great to hear you are keeping yourself busy and have a wonderful life without the stress.I need to rest going to a place I've never had any desire to visit Sin City.Too many people have found me in the last week after decades, it's April Fools.Good One Jimmy.

jimmy olson |

Patty B. So happy you are happy... I remeber Wheaton College, Tess and Tasha, Emily at BC
Your mom's white Chevvy Impala, good memories and good times... you were young, blonde and beautiful!!

Patty |

No way - Jimmy is that really you? It is April fools ...
All the names bring back memories so it must be.
Doing great. I'm a workaholic producer (just last night someone mentioned the movie All That Jazz as my crazy life) and happily married to a great guy - cameraman for 15 years. My two daughters are his from his first marriage and I have a 1 year old grandson. OMG I'm 50 this year!

jimmy olson |

This is Jimmy Olson....I am indeed alive and well living outside Philadelphia... semi retired...
Have very fond memories of my 17 years in Kemore Square... lots of fun, stress, ladies and partying.
Remember all who worked there with me.. different crews every 12 months.. Managers who worked for me: Michael Breen, Alan Slavin, Peter Gilmore, John Ionta, Paul Tokarz, John Ryan, John Popp, John Keane Pat Fitzpatrick.I'm sure there were more.

By the way, Hi Faith and Patty B.

Faith |

Well that is certainly wonderful news to hear that your Dad is doing well.Looks as though you found a profession that you enjoy.

Matty |

This is Jimmy's son Matty. He is doing well, looks great and is happy. I spent my life in this place and the Mill Hill! Alan Pottak from Alan Soundworks Inc. did the sound and d*** Norris from R&R Lighting did the light install. Place had so many decades of different people.

Faith |

I heard so much about you."Dad" or Mr.Z called me Daughter number ONE!.Jimmy courted me for 3 months.As numbers go he will turn 64 three months exactly from today 6.4.46*~* I hope he a happy and content in good health.On his 50th b-day I met the love of my life.I wonder if the birthday song will be The Beatles "When I'm 64" he should play the lottery.And go to a Paul McCartney Concert.Maybe some day you and I shall meet.I must rest after 5 nights of insomnia, I think I'm ready to sleep.

Faith |

Dobermans....tough dogs! I bet they chewed everything in sight LOL.I started working at the Kenmore Club after you had left.So many people came through the club as employees in such a short time.So where did Jimmy end up back in the early 90's after they turned the club into a bookstore?.And Brian Wallace must have continued supporting his Brown football players, may still be at it.

Patty |

Two dobermans.

Faith |

PATTY, I was referring to Jimmy Olsons live-in girlfriend,they lived on Hancock, Street with either one or two dogs next to a school in Quincy.That Patty *she* allegedly went on to become a nun.I hope Terry is happy as he was a decent guy.Last time I heard of Jimmy he was running some bar in Somerville at a Holiday Inn back around 1994 from a former co-worker Maria Zizza.Glad to hear you are not a Nun LOL.

Patty |

I was still in touch with Terry Jones, who Brian recruited for Brown thru the 1990's. Went to his wedding - he married a doctor. Kim Levin is doing great. Last time I talked to Jimmy Olson in 1994.
PS. I did not go on to become a nun LOL!

Kathy |

Hi, I remember alot of the names, I was a waitress and then a head waitress and did the schedule and training in the early and mid 70's. I started when down stairs was Katie's and then the next year it became celerbration. I was there for 3 years. Alot of fun and alot of good music. I use to go out to alot of the other clubs and train new wait staff when they would get involved with another club. Flicks and Hollywood, I remember Carl and John Beale
and they managed when I was there. I did some bartending. They mostly had men since they were more
usefull in fight. Remember Dr. Bob and the Headliners.

Dianne J |

WOW...just found this website! brings back alot of memories. I also remember dancing on the bar at Lucifer's. There was a band that did oldies music too, The Count of Monte Cristo (or something like that)...I think the guy wore a cape or something!! They were great. Zelda's, Jason's Whimsey's, Kix,The Mirage, The OS, OMG...FLICK's!!! my brother had his office in that building! I use to love to shoot pool there:) Such great times! How about going to eat afterwards, at the Greek place next to Lucifers??? (name escapes me!) I use to order the #42 all the time:) That place use to attract alot of crazies! I remmeber some guy with a Fedora (there were quite a few actually) with a huge ring on his finger...initials "TY" anyone remember/???

Faith |

Patty, I know it was the early 80's somewhere between 1981 - 1983 & ROSR was head waitress who hired me.Patty, Tricia were common names of young ladies who were wait staff there was a Jane Lustwik?odd last name from Melrose.And rumours of Jimmy Olsens live in girlfriend named Patricia who left him & became a Nun?? before my time at the club.Downstairs There was a bartender Eileen really preety sweet blond who was going to Mass College of Pharmacy? or B.U to become a Pharmacist and her sister also ended up working for the Kenmore Club & both of them were struck by the "T" out on the green line in Brighton.Out back was Lipstick and an older woman who worked the bar a buxom blond who had been employed there off & on for many, many years.And I remember all 3 of the DJ's Stew,Gary & I think Captain Wendell dated or lived with Tammy the coatcheck girl who often referred to herself as "The bat in the belfry".Also there was a regular towards the end of the night handsome, swarthy & always well dressed guy who worked as a chef at "Dom's" in the North End named Philip (the anglo version of his real name) who has owned a Hyannis Landmark eatery called "ALBERTO'S RISTORANTE" for probably 20 years now,Dom sent him to get the place up & running and he bough Dom out.Another regular was a Videographer (sic) named Mickey Spillane his Father was imported as Superintendent of the Boston Public School System.The song by Prince "Little Red Corvette" was a big hit & Michael Jacksons red leather jacket was as popular as those "Members Only" jackets were.That is the best timeline I know of.I miss FELIX the ROSE SELLER he was old school Hollywood stylr and another older gentleman who was named "Dad" always sat by Henry and his lomi driver/body guard.And in March Henry Vara and Jimmy + Henrys friends would all go to Florida in March.Paul Zack was still there in some capacity and the earlier comment about no longer serving beer in bottles seems familiar butit was after I left or towards the end of my employment.I think I lasted close to a year working & Lipstick became my perch out back.Wish there was a way we could connect without putting our contact data out there.Maybe Bernie @ Disco could do something?.

Faith |

I remember Terry he was a football player at Brown University.

Patty |

Faith, I think I know you and we worked together.
What year did you work at the Kenmore Club?

Oh, and I'm not the Patty that worked for Henry.

Do you remember Terry Jones, from Brown? He tended bar - he was one of Brian's recruits.

JS |

Hi, Faith! How good to know that someone else has all these memories!

Faith |

Wow a few months away & the things we remember from The Kenmore Club.

Janet Seaton |

Brian Wallace is so far in my past but I visit once each year and sure would like to know if he's still there.....He was a good friend to me when I was so very young...

Janet Seaton |

My roommate at Chandler School for Women, Darlene, married Frankie Melgar....Their wedding song was "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"....

Janet Seaton |

Caperman, I hope you read this! "Mad Dog" was Alan Bowles, a very nice guy. The manager that he worked for, whose name I am desperately trying to remember, a short guy, was not so nice. He would have the bouncers take a guy down and then he'd go out and stomp on them after they were no threat to him. I'm wondering if I was Brian's "little blonde"....though never his wife. We spent some great weekends at the Cape...Think it was in West or East Falmouth. And do you remember Audra, a very beautiful blonde? Girlfriend to Henry? I'm digging back in my memory for others who were so important to me then....

Don |

To Danielo...You can find out who designed the lighting by contacting Jimmy's son Matt, or charlie kohler. They still spin in the boston area. you can link up with them through rick naples (DJ), as well.
In 80's, vinnie would spin in celebrations while gary spun upstairs, with stew and capt wendel.

Caperman |

I worked at Yesterdays in 1973-74. Mike Tighe managed KKKatys. His father owned a liquor distributorship.The manager of the Club was Frankie Melgar. Henry Vara treated us to a field trip to Georges Island in Boston Harbor.
A country boy looking for excitement, I sure got excitement. I remember the bartender called "Mad-dog" always had a 38 in his pocket. Jackie the waitress. Paul Zack. Tim Hagerty the bartender.Linda Noll the assistant manager of Yesterday.Brian Wallace and his cute blond wife.
I spent time talking with Maryln Chambers, the movie star and porno queen.

great times!

One Friday night, Derek Sanderson and John Polcari drove in a limo. Derek gave out 100 dollar tips.

Faith |

I have not had the chance with the fine sunny weather to make too many calls but would really love to know where people ended up.Michael Caruso blonde manager I mentioned & Michael Breen what a blast from the past.Micheal Breen left Ma Bell and ended up there, I remember he also coached or played ice hockey with a hangover every week.It's Michael Breens fault I discovered Baileys Irish Cream, to this day if I went into any club Jimmy Olsen is in & asked the bartender for a "Fresh" bottle of Baileys he would know I was in the building and it had not been stored property.The guy you mentioned, Al (lived in Hingham)was a bodybuilder curly black hair about 5'9" tall & there was a lowly doorman who made his way up the chain to the Mill Hill Peter(Looked like Larry Bird's twin).The AKU AKU rings a bell but I can't remember what it was.Tell me more about the AKU AKU wow I wonder if Jimmy is still alive he was old & if Michael Breen ever went back to the phone company.I remember when he finally gave notice and took a job outside of the city at a club in Quincy in the center of Quincy because we went to visit him, I think they also served food too.I'll keep looking as we jog each others memory.Too bad my home on the Mainline burned down Christmas morning 2000 pre-dawn while I was at the home outside of Key West MM17 because my Diary was packed away in my closet which was the entire third floor due to the constant travel through several climates in a week sometimes.The Diary had everything in it in my own shorthand that puts every Doctors prescriptions to shame.I can read it, nobody else around me alive can decipher it + it was done in 3 languages.I want that book!!!!

Danielo Shea |

Off the top of my head i cannot remember all the bartender gals.. tell me a year and i can focus on what notes i have... Your right about high turn over... one minute i was taking tickets at the front door, people quit, then i was managing the booze and cash bars down in celebrations. Then i moved up to head floorman. Around that time we stopped handing out beer bottles because of the fights. Everone had to use a plastic cup... Even two guys (i think were brothers) were fighting in celebrations -- bit the other guys ear off. Back on line later...

Danielo Shea |

I have Henry's number on his Comm Ave Biz office. Don't wanna bother him thou....You might be right about Patty.... very tall busty and in charge of the books...Patty or Debbie???

One other guy was Tony Antonetti from Quincy.we hung out for a while.... all he wanted to do was go hit a super maaaarrrket (Boston accent). He thought there was money to be made. Go get the book about Whitey Bulger -- mentions Vara and Kenmore Club etc etc... great reading about the good ole days.

Danielo Shea |

Another name just popped into my head -- Michael Breen if I am correct. The Roxie night club just opened downtown and Mike was asked by Jimmy Olsen or Vara to go there and manage it. The Roxie was huge -- i only went there a few times while i was dating my Chinese chick. There was a comedian i forgot his name that used to appear i think on wednesday nights at Narcissus. I ended up at a party in a condo on Commonwealth Ave. The comedian was a bit drunk and told us a lot of stories... also went over the Aku Aku several times until 4 or 5 am... oh yes the fights. One night out front a kid opened the trunk of his car and pulled out golf clubs -- 20 or 30 guys from Brighten, Hyde Park and Southie began whacking each other -- it was nuts!!! Ah those were the days.... There was another guy i hung out with -- his name was Ali... a door man downstairs and sometimes upstairs....still looking for my book...

Faith |

I googled Henry Vara the owner of the Kenmore Club (as it appeared on our paychecks) and read some astonishing things I never knew, 'nor do I want to.But it appears he or his son may have taken the reigns of the family business.Henry lived in Chestnut Hill & appears to still be involved with "Jacques" so you may be able to find out who really did design the lighting system.I still have some connections in the music industry & a friend of mine may know who did the lighting design in Narcissus if he is still alive.I think the curvy lady in payroll was also the event planner for Mr.Vara personally and was probably in her early 30's sort of a full figured gal named Patricia? she had brown hair & almost was always seen in a proper business suit.DO you remember a bartender who worked the back bar upstairs on the balcony in front of the offices and licquor cabinet, Susie a short little thing long black hair, she was a pistol who had to use a milk crate to reach way over the bar due to her height.I loved working with her and she was one of the very few employees who had been there for maybe 4 years.As you may recall the turnover was so high 3 months was the maximum and the average was a month.Oh and the bouncer nicknamed "Speaker" always at the side door to Celebrations in the alley way, strong, Irish maybe blonde hair and no trouble putting even the most unruly of sloppy drunks out the door & could break up fights in the blink of an eye?.I'll keep checking back and see what I can find out.Hey did they do "Latin Night" when you were there?.It was one of the only disco's in Boston to devote an entire night culturally and they had some incredible musicians come through and play, all before Gloria Estefan caught her big break.PLEASE POST THE BOOK or tell me where to find it on Amazon or abe books.I collect signed first editions, have been since I was a small child.Nice meeting you Danielo.

Danielo Shea |

Hi Faith,

I remember Jimmy Olsen. Must have been around early 80s. Wayne was a DJ upstairs, Paul Zack was just about leaving when Jimmy Olsen came on aboard, and there was a very curvy lady that did the accounting/paychecks way up at the top offices. Can't remember all the waitresses -- had a date with one of them...she was much older than me. I was hoping to find out from someone more info on the lights system over the stage in Narcissus. Once I find out (if ever) I would recreate the club in the Washington DC area. Anybody know what company designed the light system?

I'll be back on line--i have a book that i wrote in the 80s with all the club goers that i knew....will post if i find it...

Faith |

I was there when Jimmy Olsen was the manager and another guy named Peter was an assistant manager who was transferred to the MILL HILL down on the cape.Pia Zadora played there when I worked there and they used to hold Miss Gay New England with the drag queens from their other club JACQUES still open in Bay Village.

Danielo Shea |

I worked there for a while when Paul Zack was manager. I would like to recreate the whole thing. Need to find out who set up Henry's light show over the stage??? Anyone know the company name?

Wendy |

I worked at K-K-K-Katy's in Spring of 1974. It was a the emergence of Disco. Between serving drinks in a little red halter top and black slacks I was learning to do the bump. The music was so great. Really fun. The place was always loaded with sailors. But you know, I was always treated like a lady. Good times.

Dianne from the 70s Lucifers |

I remember when I used to get up on the bar at Lucifer's and dance on it because it was allowed - they were long bars. BB King once played at Lucifers and I got the chance to see that show and I remember being hypnotized by some hypnotist on stage with other people. There was a music duo called Lewis and Clark. Do you remember them also? Wasn't the place downstairs in that building called Upstairs Downstairs or something like that? Then there was the club at the corner of the building called Yesterdays I think. I remember doing the dance called the "bump" at that corner club. Maybe it was before 1978 that I was going there - probably between 1973-1978 and I remember going to Zelda's in Allston, then coming back and going to Flick's near Aku-Aku where the Traamps, Tavares, etc. would have shows - it had a swimming pool in the middle of the club. Then along came Whimseys and Jason's in the Copley Square area in the 70s where it was really popular and famous people would go to Jason's. Am I ringing any bell's with you now?

I loved the 70s. I still play some of that music.
Dianne (54 years old now) Now I go to Vincents Nightclub in Randolph on Saturday nights where sometimes they still play some disco music.

pete |

The Kenmore Club eventually became Narcissus, Celebration (downstairs) and Lipstick in the back. Henry Vara was the owner for a while. It's now a Gap Store. Everytime I drive by it brings back some great memories.

Steve |

I was a bartender at Lucifer's circa 1977-78. The club was owned by a guy named Carl Midger (sp?). There were two other clubs in the building which was known collectively at the Kenmore Club. The Trammps used to play there and believe me, they could burn that mother down! Downstairs was K-K-K Katy's. There was a great disco DJ named Cosmo who used to spin in the club Yesterday in back.


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