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Spectrum Disco

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210 SW Second Avenue, Gainesville, Florida


Spectrum Disco Owner: ???
DJ: ???

Spectrum called themselves Florida's finest gay disco open daily.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Morg |

It was a preposterously fun place. The Grace Jones concert was a scene of decadence unparalleled in my experience. I had a pickup truck & after this event, I delivered inert bodies all over town -- in the rain.
I would take Art Deco pottery for quaffing at beer night. We who experienced it would never be the same.

infiltratorinstigator |

Went to The Spectrum many times 1980-1981. Went there one time late 82 and it had changed. there was an extra bar where the bathrooms had been. The mood didn't seem the same either. Don't remember owner's name but at that time it was a white fellow, not black. He had dark hair, very professional, nice person. His mother helped clean around the bar in the daytimes. Do remember Ernie if it's who I'm thinking of - blonde, good looking, tall, thin, kind, and would now and then slip a free drink. In July they had an upside down Christmas tree.

Gloria M.Morgan |

I was underage and would sneak in every wendsday for 10 cent drink night LOL

john hixenbaugh |

I went to Spectrum from 1981 to 1987. I think it closed at the end of 1987. The DJ's name was J.R. . In my memory, he is this super cool black dude with an afro and aviator shades.

davidarias |

When I went to UF I used to do the lights for the club. Ernie was the bartender and always bought me drinks.


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