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Candy Store

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Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Owners: ???
DJs: John Terry

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Added by vyniljunkie


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Peggy D |

My now husband and I went to The Candy Store everyday for a clean shirt, dinner, and cocktails and I wish I would have kept at least one of the many Candy Store Tshirts we had accumulated. Does anyone have an extra shirt I can purchase? We had many happy memories together there!

T-Shirt Tommy |

Does anyone know how Mike Crocco and I can find out where Bobby Van is today?
I understand he is in a nursing home (?) or rehab facility (?).
Please e-mail me if you have any current information. Thank you.

HunterNY |

Does anyone remember when the Candy Store had a location in Hunter, NY?

Berta |

Before the Candy Store, there was The She, She would close at 2 and everyone went over to the Flying Machine, later known as the Copa. Paul Lorenzo was the manager of the Flying Machine and then took over the She and turned it into the Candystore, where a band by the name of The Boys performed, one of their members was Johnny Depp.

Rebecca Inerfeld |

Hi! I'm Becky, who used to bartend at The Candy Store.

Miguel Carrillo |

I remember "Candy Store" as "The Place" at AIA. I did not live in the US but every time I had the chance I flew to Ft-Lauderdale an hit "Candy Sotere" ¿does anybody remember a bartender named Becky?

Carmine giglio |

Thats right john terry wasnt the dj at the candy store.john terry work at the button .

gale conti |

I worked their for several years and had the time of my life.

Richard Anthony Sullo |

People are somewhat right...Here were the owners when I was there...Add me to the mix, because Bobby offered me 10% to leave Los Angeles and come there.... The owners were Bobby Vanucchi, better known as Bobby “Van”, Ray Abruzzese, Jack Kearney, Harold Hink, someone named Andy (?) and later Paul Lorenzo....Bobby Ray & Harold kept the bar when the others broke off the start Rosebud's (BTW Bobby was smart enough to invest in every bar his former partners started.)

The Candy Store WAS NOT on Los Olas...It was on A1A...Right on the beach...Want to see it...Go to REVENGE OF THE NERDS 2 and watch the BELLY FLOP contest...

mario vitale |

I was the one who tore down the walls at the candy store the first hired at this bar one of the first bartenders hired worked for BV at all his clubs bIII PIPS rosebuds laffs etc

Beach reporter |

a) John Terry was NOT a DJ there

b) The owners were Bobby Vanucchi, better known as Bobby “Van”, Ray Abruzzese, Jack Kearney, Harold Hink, someone named Andy (?) and later Paul Lorenzo....Bobby Ray & Harold kept the bar when the others broke off the start Rosebud's

c) Bobby Van is in a retirement home in Broward these days.....

d) location Las Olas??????

Jackie VIP TV |

Is Bobby Van, the same Bobby Van of Bobby Van's Bridgehampton in The Hamptons?

Richard Anthony |

I was there for 5 glorious seasons...Never had so much sex in my life...It truly was a "Candy Store" for both guys and girls. I noticed a comment that we would feed people for $5 which was true...at the beginning of Spring Break" the price rose and topped out at $10 during the height of it. You got 2 free drink tickets at the $5 price...then 4 at the $10...We knew you would saty and drink a lot more than that...And actually many a college student only had our one meal for their daily food...They kept the rest for booze...On Saturdays we had a three O'clock license for a few years. And re-opened the pool bar at 10 AM. Long days and even longer nights...Us owners often hit the bottle clubs after work...and ended up sleeping one or two hours if we were opening. I'm sorry to report that my friend and principal owner Bobby Van is not in good shape...In a re-hab hospital he probably will never leave...But I will always love him for the great memories of the Candy Store in my life...Richard

Neondesert |

Exactly DD. There was free pizza and spaghetti, etc upstairs with paid admittion. That was about 1989 or so....

DD |

$5. Girls got in free. All you can drink (and free pizza)

Glorious days in my early 20's!

Neondesert |

Yes, the Candy Store! That was one of my favorite (and one of my first places) I ever drank. Legal age was 19 and I was there on my B-day. But to be honest, snuck in poolside before when they had the contests on weekends and had a daiquiri there. Shame they all the great bars closed and the strip was changed around....for the worse. Everything you wanted in music and bar scene was always just a stumble away from one place to another. Sad...very very much.

tfj |

Before the Candy Store Paul had The Flying Machine and before that he had the She underground nightclub in the Marlin Beach Hotel on the strip

Neondesert |

Right on Sullo. I was there from 1982 till the end of the Candy Store era. It was on of the places to be on the Strip. The wet T's and Nighties, yes you are correct. Daytime at the pool, night time on the down stairs stage. The disco upstairs used to serve food from 7-10pm, with paid admission and All You Can Drink. Was a great place to start the night. Loved it. Miss it!!!!

Richard Anthony (Sullo) |

The owners of the Candy Store in Ft. Lauderdale during the 80's were Bobby Van Ray Abruzzi, and Howard (Can't remember his last name, but owned the Wonder Bread bakery. Paul Lorenzo, myself and others had a "piece of the profits" whenever we worked the season there. (I was given the parking lot concession, as well as supplying entertainment as the house band agent.)

During the height of Spring Break in those days, this facility used to do between Sixty and Eighty thousand dollars a day in gross revenues. In addition to the afternoon bikini contest, there was also an evening wet t-shirt contest, or wet nighty contest in the downstairs rock club, between the 11 PM band break, as well as the upstairs disco having their own version in college women often spontaneously dancing topless on or around the bars.

Neondesert |

I dont know what Capn So and So has to do with the Candy Store in total, but The Store will always be close to my heart as it was the first 'bar' I drank at when I was 18..back in early 80's 19 was the legal limit. The teeny weeny bikini contest poolside on the weekends? I still have a shirt of that. Anyone remember the Piranha Bros? They did lots of cover and werent bad for what they did. I lived at the Store many a night, as well as Button on the Beach and Summers...lots of walking while drunk...walked it right off tho. The Store had decent specials, including Free Drinks 8-10..in the late 80's they also added Free all u can eat Speghetti and Pizza with the drinks...great place to start the night. Downstairs was the 'rock' room..dingy, but quaint. Upstairs more of the dance/disco. I liked that! I was there from 81-the end...write me if you went and remember any of the names of the staff as I cant remember off hand...

yanksfan69 |

THE CANDY STORE had numerous owners and partners through the years BOBBY VAN, PAUL LORENZO, come to mind first but there were many silent partners also.....

vyniljunkie |

That sounds like a few Clubs in Miami> Near Miami International, there used to be the 747, which I assume you went to more than once. It was like a 747 for a while, remember?

capt. milano |

The captain was not really into the disco scene but was dragged to discos by younger crew members. I flew domestic, talk to pilots who flew transatlantic for stories that will even make Mr. Vinyljunkie take notice.

A French pilot, "Capt. Pierre" would ask young women (ages 18-21) traveling alone on his flights if they wanted to see the cockpit, common practice in those simpler days. He'd then offer to show them around local bars and discos in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, etc. I can't print here his tales of multiple debauchery! Mrs. Milano once punished me for telling her of his adventures. Pierre once visited our home and my wife made sure her shapely niece was kept under lock and key!

Ask any pilot who flew between 1960 and 1980, old or young, and they will have amazing stories to tell you. Stories of hotel rooms and strange women and stewardesses when they were stewardesses. Stories of dead-heading back to the US with a planeload of airline employees having one big party on board.

vyniljunkie |

The Captain has struck again. You must have had fun, ever get yourself in any trouble? Tell us the juicy stories, PLEASE! I guess the Captain was a big DISCO fan. Welcome home!!

capt. milano |

I used to fly planeloads of these cuties in and out of Ft. Lauderdale and Daytona. Good things Mrs. Milano was tolerant. Flying them in they were all happy and cheerful. Flying them out uninhibited and half-drunk was a treat. An L-1011 filled with real girls going wild.

Once a strip-contest broke out on my 1011. Got so out out of control we almost declared an emergency but the stewardesses reigned them in somewhere over Virginia.

The rowdiness and horniness distracted me so much that I requested the longest runway at JFK, and had the cops waiting at the terminal just in case. But all was well as your captain eased down his packed jet of rowdy passengers over Jamaica Bay to a smooth landing as always. The 1011 was out for 3 days so cleaning crews could get it ready for normal people. Cleaner crew chief found a few pairs of panties. He was shocked!

Best memory is of a Dad trying to shield his son from the in-flight strip-teases. The kid left the plane with a big smile on his face and daddy left with a bulge in his pants.

Long gone days in a different world.


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