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3rd Avenue bet 71st & 72st Street, Brooklyn, NY


Small club in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with a sick sound system. They sold T Shirts with the saying "Changes, The Best F*cking Sound Around". This location eventually became T.J. Bentley's.

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Addy |

I was there at the same time from 1978 to 1982...I was good friends with Brian the manager. I remember the guy who looked JUST like John Travolta. This was one of the GREATEST places to be on a Saturday night.

Diane Fama |

Im looking for Sean and Nadir who went there in the 80's

Ralphie. V |

How's everthing everbody? I'm one crying in the wilderness, where are all the photos of us when we ran the joint. We had such a crew in 1978,79,80,81....DJ Ronnie, Eddie the light man. Big George and the rest of them. My friends were Joe Travolta, Crazy joe, Dodge, Jimmy the perve, Robert C. Johnny M. and so many girls it blows my mind. I want to know how is my friend Gloria & Valary doing? Ther so much to write about but for now it is good enough. Please get back to me somebody please. Thanks.

Linda |

used to be the gridiron when I went lots of fun Irish rock bands


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