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Avenida Condado (parallel to RH Todd Avenue), Santurce, Puerto Rico


Resident DJs @ Bachelor:
Pablo Flores
Baron López
Juan Morales
Orlando Torres del Pino
Jorge Valentin

Please note that in the interest of fairness, the names of DJs and staff are listed in alphabetical order.

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Luis Calvo |

Hi people, its so nice to heard about all the comments people made about Bachellor's and the comments that were made about DJ Papo, if not the best on of the best DJ's I had ever heard playing he knows how to keep the floor always full and with a never ending sequence of hits, He is the Master of the Disco, He was just a young Kid when I first met him and he knew how to rock the house as a matter of fact he was not gay and nothing even closer to the name such a good looking Kid so talented and making his audience staring at him hoping to get a chance with him, but yes he is not gay many broken hearts were left behind and counting he should be now around 52 years old and for what I heard the guy has a music studio in Florida and is planning a come back, I just hope he can be invited to the next year gathering, He should be put in the list of the resident Dj's of Bachellor's, he deserve to be there and its a shame that he was excluded. Papo DJ, you are forever the greatest.

Luis Castro |

In my last post I made a BIG mistake when I wrote, "THE WAY SHE USED TO.....", when referring to DJ PAPO.
Everyone knows HE IS NOT A SHE, BUT A REAL HE.
I'm sure no one EVER questioned the masculinity of this Puerorrican.
It was mostly because that masculinity reflected by his personality I always found him to be so attractive.
BTW, his masculinity trait is totally UNCHANGED and the MAN has aged like good wine.
I hope this cleared up any question anyone may have had because of my "typo".


this message is for DJ Angel...do u remember me? I was Juan Rivera"s neighbor (dj at abby and Otello and Stars)
I also worked aas a bartender at Otelos and Hollywood with Billy, Hugo and Oggi. Please get in touch with me...
786-457-4557. I have been living in Miami since 1980.

Luis Castro |

Glad to know I am not the only who remembers Papo as "the resident" DJ at Bachelor, after Pablo Flores left in the summer of 78, a decision made by Juan Garica (RIP) main owner of the club. The latest statement here about Papo's abilities to play is one that I've prevously posted too.
Perhaps Papo will be asked to spin at the next Bachelor Forever event. I'm sure he'll bring with him records like "Was that all it was", as well as many of other real gay classics (no disco trash) he used to play to keep us non-stop on the dance floor. I had just arrived from Los Angeles, California, and was surprised how many of those "hard to get classics" he had, the way she used to program his music and the flawless way he used to mix them, specially because he was so very young.
I remember the first time I walked into Bachelor he was playing and I was surprised he had his shirt off (not common at all in those days), I grabbed a beer and stood next to the booth to watch him spin and to "check him out" (he was a hot Puertorican teen), but before I could finish my beer I was approached by another hot Puertorican (we've been together ever since). How could I ever forger such a perfect night, made possible by Papo and the magic of Bachelor.

Alfredo Delgado |

Hi my name is Alfredo I use to frequent Bachelors in the late 1978 and I never heard a DJ play the way DJ Papo played the music. Every time he mixed a song everyone would scream off the top of there heads and run to the dance floor. What great memories.Hope your doing well Papo. God Bless!

Bobby M |

Location was technically Avenida Condado (parallel to RH Todd Avenue)

Diana Colon |

Hi Pablo. Yo soy Diana la companera de Carlos el bartender ( el hombre mas bellowed la barra) yo,entrant a la cabins cuando Esteban's deDJ a molestarte. Tengo una hija de Carlos y boy a Puerto Rico de Pennsylvania el Sabado para estate en este party y
Ara ve

Hi Yo soy Diana la companera de Carlos el bartender de Bachelor. Tubimos una hija. Yo vivo en Pemsylvannia pero voy para Puerto Rico para estar en el party de Bachelor el Sabado. Espero verte.

Bobby M |

Question for PABLO FLORES:. You said you own the rights to the Bachelor name and logo, so maybe you can answer this. About a month ago I was driving on Loiza Street (the new hot spot for trendy restaurants in San Juan) and as I looked to my left, there on a big red building it was: in black and white, the all-too-familiar silhouette of a man in a top hat and, on its now famous font, it said "Bachelor, Established 1975." Imagine my thrill when I though "could they have re-opened?" So, what's that place all about? BTW, I'm a big fan and try not to miss your Fri evening shows on the radio.

Bobby M |

Back in PR now and, needless to say, I already have my ticket for Aug 17. Other than high school friends - I don't know too many locals from that era. Many of the lovely people I knew then are living elsewhere (whether in or out of this planet). But - even if I have to dance it all by myself - I plan on enjoying this event to the fullest. Hope to meet some of you there!

Bobby M |

(Cont’d) But I never stopped “Bacheloring.” After 1982, my career took me away from the Island and all over the world, but every time I came back to visit my family, I went to Bachelor, always happy to notice any changes and improvements. It was also fun to show my “tourist” friends around. I even gave the mid-90's Bachelor a chance, especially since the early nineties had ushered in a new exciting era in Dance Music. I'm now back in PR and, needless to say, I already have my ticket for the event on Aug 17. Most of my adult social life occurred elsewhere and - other than high school friends - I don't know too many locals from that era. Many of the lovely people I met throughout the years I went to Bachelor are living elsewhere (whether in or out of this planet). But - even if I have to dance it all by myself - I plan on enjoying this event to the fullest. Hope to meet some of you there!

Bobby M |

Add me to the list of those who spent their gay-formative years dancing at Bachelor. My first time there was when it was still a restaurant with checkered tablecloths and a mirror ball in the middle of an empty space that was at times used for dancing (1976). I was only 15 and taken there by an older gentleman for "dinner and dancing." My how the club evolved after that! It was THE spot for gay men and creatives of the disco era. My Bachelor tenure culminated Summer of '79 (one of the best years for dance music) when I was back from University abroad and enjoying my first full-time summer job in the Island, going out every weekend with money in my pocket. The night was never over until they played Diva Gray & Oyster's St. Tropez, Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, and Gone, Gone, Gone.

Luis Castro |

I'm so glad that we seemed a bit messy at times because of my posts has been cleared up and now we know where to find my good friend Papo, whom I thought was in living in New York, the last place we met.
In the future, rather than dealing with posts on this page, you can both (Papo and Pablo) contact me directly (promomiami@aol.com). My e-mail address is an indicator of where this business took me for many years in Miami, culminating with my involvement with Club Space as its gay promoter, a club I had the priivilege of being dfirectly involved with since its opening in 2000 at its original and current location, bringing to its gay events many major talents (Danny Tenaglia, Abel, Peter Rauhoffer, RIP, Chus and Ceballos, to mention a few) for our own events plus those to ne a part of Miami's White and Winter Parties. I finally "rertired" (that word makes sound too old, lol) in 2010.
For the record, my comment about the best of days of Bachelor being in the 70s, should had been , "for us the best days at Bachelor....."
We went to PR soon after Juan's departure from this world, I dealt with his last few month in life, they were not easy for us. Juan had been moved to Miami and we allowed his BF then, Javier Justiniano, to move in with us at the request of Paco so he could visit Juan daily. When we walked into Bachelor Pablo Flores wasn't playing. We didn't feel comfortable, everywhere we looked reminded us of someone with whom we had partied so many times and was no longer around, specially Juan. We left and never returned. The next time we went to PR Bachelor was closed and the last time the building didn't even exist.
So glad we were a part of that small place, called Bachelor, that had as much energy for us as did The Saint.


Dear Pablo I played in Bachelors for over a yaer and a half six nights a week and had deep respect and dedication for my work.There was a time Juan had to come to the dj booth and asked me to tone it down a bit because everyone was dancing on the dance floor and not drinking at the bar.That was more of a compliment then a complaint.I got Smiley to take my place so I could go to the Flying Saucer,iREGRET leaving.Juan and I had a meeting,I made up my mind and decieded not to go,Juan wanted me to go so I can further my career as a dj. In those days the Flying Saucer was a big deal they mentioned me in the news paper and had alot publicity.Jaun said the doors will be open if it doesn't work out.The rest is history and yes I have a small music recording studio and I am still a dj for life.Hope to get back in the circle again. With respect and love Papo please call 813-526-2989 I live in Florida

Pablo Flores |

Hello Luis. Just wanted to clarify that I never said that the DJ list was yours. This is what I wrote: "As for Luis Castro's comment, the DJ list is wrong, and is missing quite a few". I was referring to your comment that DJ Papo was not on the list, not that you had made the list. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding. I will try to figure out how to fix the list with the person who originally posted this. In the meantime, I will post a correct list here as a comment, as soon as possible.
Yes, the glory of the 70's disco years is undeniable, but I believe the "best years" the club had were not only the 70's. I would say 1976 to 1988. Of course, the MUSIC changed drastically after 1979, but the Bachelor magic continued on for many many years.
Hopefully my "Bachelor Forever 2013" event will be a success. It was my home for a total of 12 years, and since I own the rights to the Bachelor name and logo, I plan to make this an annual event.
Blessings to all of you.
DJ Papo, where are you living now. Do you still DJ?


My dearest friend Luis Casto, It's great hearing from you.I tryed to tell my end of the story but I guess it's too lo long and can't submmit it on this page. For the record I DJ ed in Bachelors for a year and a half or more. I never got to open the flying saucer because of a disagrement I had with the owner.That club was like going to Disney World and didn't have that warm feeling when you entered Bachelors.I am so happy I had such an impact on you when I was playing the music There is lot to talk about. I want everybody to dance dance at this reunion and feel the love Bachelors was known for.Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end.Dance like nobodys watching or dance like the ones we lost and loved are waching. love you luis and Raul Bachelors for ever DJ PAPO

Luis Castro |

Pablo, I re-reread your last post mentioning that "my DJ list was wrong". I don't know what you meant by "my DJ list", I didn't put up the DJ names that appear on the Bachelor page. Perhaps because my time in PR was over 30 years ago, I don''t recognize any of those names, or perhaps it is because they played after I left in early 81 (also, we were in Miami most of the time after the Summer of 1980, when I was finally reunited with my parents, whom I'd not seen since I was a very young). The name that I do remember playing Bachelor, besides Papo, was Smiley, also a good DJ.
My comment only had to do with the big days of disco (77-81) giving the credit as the best DJs at Bachelor to Papo (danced to his music and loved it) and you. I knew how great you were because of Juan's comments about "no one coming close to Pablo Flores when it came to DJing", and how much he missed you as a DJ and as a friend. Juan also said to me that you and I would had been very good friends had we met and been around at the same time, either in PR or in LA, the place I had just left when you arrived, unfortunately that didn't happen. I know he would had been very happy to have had both of us around him as his best friends.
Keep the music playing and people dancing and for those good people that are no longer with us, let's keep their memories alive for as long as we are in this world. Someday we shall all meet again.

Luis Castro |

Pablo, as I said, unfortunately you had just left for LA when I arrived in Puerto Rico and never had the opportunity to party to your music while you were playing Bachelor. I went to PR for 3 days in August 1978, they turned into 3 weeks and when I left was knowing I would be moving there in late September.
Papo was DJing the first night I went to Bachelor, I even went to the booth that night to introduce myself and to congratulate him on the job he was doing. As far as I know, he played there regularly, so I consider him a "permanent" (the word resident was not in used back then) DJ of the club. I don't know how long he played Bachelor but I believe he stopped playing when he went back to New York.
What I can say about the guy is that he stood out among the other DJs that were playing Bachelor back then, one could always tell when Papo was playing as soon as you came in, because of his flawless mixing techniques and his music program, very similar to the DJs that were playing the major gay clubs in the USA.
He definitely deserves to be given credit as one of the DJs at Bachelor. I was very surprised when I didn't see his name listed.
You've just indicated that some of those on the list never played there and that some only played a couple of times. Perhaps you should contact Bernie and provide him with a better list of those who deserve the honor to be listed as one of the DJs at Bachelor, a club I enjoyed so much during my days in PR and most important to us because it was the place where Raul and I met, almost 35 years ago.

Pablo Flores |

Hey everybody. How are you DJ Papo? Question: how long were you DJing at Bachelor? I left late July 1978 to go to LA, and when I returned early 1980, Smiley was DJ. As for Luis Castro's comment, the DJ list is wrong, and is missing quite a few. First, Baron Lopez never was never DJ at Bachelor, and if Jorge Valentin played there, it was the 2nd time they opened Bachelor in 94 or 95. Different owners and nothing at all like the original. In my mind The "official" Bachelor opened in 1975 and closed in 1993. Missing from the DJ list is Charlie Rivera (who took over when I left for a while in late 1988), and "Joe Joe" Ortiz who took over when Charlie left in early 1990. I came back in March 1990 and left for good in Sept. 1991. Then Joe resumed his Resident DJ status until Bachelor closed in 1993.
Besides these DJs, there were a few "lightmen" who were not official resident DJs but nevertheless
DJ'd at the club: Heriberto (can't remember his last name) was lightman for Smiley, Angel Pagan, Manny Munet, Jose "Pucho" Varona, Norberto "Junior" Molina, Cesar Rodriguez, all did lights, and DJ'd the early evening sets.

Luis Castro |

Hey Papo, why aren't you listed as one of Bachelor's DJs?
It seems much of the info on this page ignores the 70s at Bachelor, which in terms of Bachelor as a GAY club, which is what Juan Garcia built it to be, were the BEST years the club had. Let's not forget that when we did (I was very involved with the project) the main remodeling at Bachelors was 1979.
I met Raul on Auguast 10, 1978, while you were playing. We had MANY great nights, that are still present in our minds, DANCING TO YOUR MUSIC AT BACHELOR.
As I posted here before, I consider you one of the best DJs of the disco days and I had the pleasure of dancing and knowing many, if not most, of the DJs in the USA who played the major gay clubs. I took 3 years off (78-81) from work to travel and party with Raul in just about every major club in the USA. We would take off from PR every 2-3 weeks.
Perhaps because most of the gay party men of those days were called from this world much too soon, you had to ask where your people are. Had this not been the case, PABLO FLORES AND PAPO would had been credited for being the VERY BEST DJs Bachelor had during the GRAND DAYS OF DISCO (77-83).
Unfortnately, Pablo had just left PR to LA when I arrived and he returned when we left, so I didn't have the chance to experience dancing to his music, but I know he was a great DJ just based on the many times Juan Garcia spoke to me about him and his music, always saying how much he was missed at Bachelor.



Pablo Flores |

Well, I stumbled upon this page, and it's great to hear from all of you. Yes, I am presenting "Bachelor Forever 2013" on Audust 17th at the Caribe Hilton Hotel, honoring that great club that was so important to so many of us. This will also be my "comeback" to my DJ career, after many years of dedicating my time to remixing and producing. Five of the original artists (Barbra Herr, Willie Negrón, Alex Soto, Ruddy Martinez and Johnnie Ray) will be part of the show (Pantojas can't make it) Of course, 2 others - Renny Williams and Jorge Perez - are no longer with us. Also 3 of my "Lightmen" and DJs will be playing too: Charlie Rivera, Joe Ortiz and Manny Munet. I'd love to see all of you there! Please visit and like the page I created for Bachelor: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bachelor/122555571113847?ref=hl
Luis Castro, saludos y a tu pregunta: Paco falleció en españa en los años 90.
Nos vemos el 17 de agosto!
Pablo Flores

Luis Castro |

Busque mas informacion sobre "Bachelor Forever" en el website donde venden los tickets pero, excepto por el costo y tipo de ellos y la participacion de Pablo Flores, no aparece mas informacion sobre este evento. Aparentemente esta bloqueado alguna otra informacion porque aparece una X en rojo que deberia abrir, quizas con un flier con mas informacion.
Nosotros vivimos en Miami desde 1981 y fuesemos a esta fiesta si pudiesemos encontrarnos con un grupo de amigos de los anos 78-81, los anos que vivimos en PR como pareja; se que desafortunadamente muchos se fueron de este mundo demasiado pronto, incluyendo uno de los duenos de Bachelor, Juan Garcia; tambien murio Pedro, manager principal de Bachelor durante varios. Quisiera saber si alguien tiene alguna informacion sobre el otro dueno de Bachelor, Paco el Espanol, fiel companero de Juan desde New York antes que abrieran Bachelor. Tambien quisiera saber si algunos de nuestros amigos de esos dias leen esto, se comunicaran con nosotros por e-mail, sobre todo si estan planeando asistir a esta celebracion. Bachelor tuvo cambios de clientela despues de la muerte de Juan Garcia y los muchos otros que tambien murieron debido a AIDS y por otras causas, mucha de esa clientela eran de la nueva generacion y gran parte no eran gay, una clientela mas mixta.
El periodo nuestro en Puerto Rico fue cuando Pablo Flores vivia en Los Angeles, de donde yo habia llegado poco despues de el irse, desdichadamente nunca tuve la oportunidad de oirlo tocar, aunque se que era muy bueno y que la fama de Bachelor se debio grandemente a Pablo Flores. Papo fue el principal DJ en Bachelor cuando Pablo se fue y puedo decir que fue uno de los mejores DJs que oi tocar en mi vida (conoci practicamente a todos los "grandes" en USA), probablemente influenciado por el "sonido" de Pablo.
Gracias por cualquier informacion que puedan enviarnos, como indique anteriormente, no vivimos en la Isla (estamos esperando que la ola de crimen desaparezca para volver a vivir en PR) y solo nos interesaria estar presente en ese gran evento si fuese para compartir con un grupo (aunque sea pequeno) de aquellos con los que compartimos muchas noches fiestando en Bachelor, muy en especial seria saber que Paco sera parte de este evento.
Luis y Raul

Bob |

Hi everyone, there's gonna be a Bachelor's party this next August 17 at the Caribe Hilton with Pablo in the turntables. Tickets in www.tcpr.com Can't wait!!!


Recetly I had the chance to speak to Orlando Torres Del Pino after 32 years. He used to play at the flying saucer. I still remember that at midnight he used to make an effect as if the flying saucer was taking off, it was aweson. He also gave me some lessons in djing. He also played at el moroco. So many good memories. Orlando it was a pleasure taking to you. Many blessings my friend.

marcos santana |

Hello I use to work in sacromonte and club 305 in 80 as lighman if anyone have picture can you share thank you

nicky b |

WOW Can't believe I came across this site. BACHELORS WAS THE BEST

nicky b |

Hey to everyone. Luis how are you glad to hear ou and Raul are alive and still together. We use to fly to Puerto Rico from New York to hang out at Bachelors. You guys came to a few parties we had back in the 80's. Wow time flies. We loved Bachelors, I know Bobby now Barbra is alive and well as well as Alex Soto. Is Rudy still doing well? He was a great guy and a great drag queen. Back then we were also good friends with Danny who worked at Arcos Blancos and his cousin Eddie who worked at the Atlantic Beach. Would love to hear from you guys. Hope all is well with you.

DJ Angel Pagan |

Greetings fellow Disco DJs from the 70's and 80's! I had the honor of learning how to mix in 1976 with DJ Smiley (Humberto Rivera) from Lion's Disco in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Later worked with both Smiley and Pablo Flores as lightman at Bachelor, and played a few hours on certain nights. In those days I met the following great music legends: DJ Pablo Flores - Bachelor and Discobolo, DJ Victor - Lions Disco, DJ Papo - Flying Saucer, DJ Oscar - Abby and San Juan San Juan, DJ Carlos - Abby and Otello -, DJ Juan - Abby and Otello, DJ Cesar - Topaz Disco, DJ Sean - Warehouse Disco, DJ Leo from Sacromonte... Through the years I have preserved some cassettes with mixed music by various DJs from those days. IF you have music from that era mixed by DJs, and would like to trade copies for the memories, let me know! DJ Angelo at bachelor1979@gmail.com

DJ Angel Pagan |

Greetings fellow Disco DJs from the 70's and 80's! I had the honor of learning how to mix in 1976 with DJ Smiley (Humberto Rivera) from Lion's Disco in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Later worked with both Smiley and Pablo Flores as lightman at Bachelor, and played a few hours on certain nights. In those days I met the following great music legends: DJ Pablo Flores - Bachelor and Discobolo, DJ Victor - Lions Disco, DJ Papo - Flying Saucer, DJ Oscar - Abby and San Juan San Juan, DJ Carlos - Abby and Otello -, DJ Juan - Abby and Otello, DJ Cesar - Topaz Disco, DJ Sean - Warehouse Disco, and DJ... from Sacromonte... Through the years I have preserved some cassettes with mixed music by various DJs from those days. IF you have music from that area mixed by DJs and would like to trade copies for the memories, let me know! DJ Angelo at bachelor1979@gmail.com

Luis Castro |

Can anyone tell me if Javier Justiniano, who was Juan's (one of the two owners) BF is around? I lost track f him many years ago and have been searching for him on Facebook, etc. but he's not listed.
I hope someone will not gibe me the bad news that he, like Juan, is one more who departed much too soon, but if that's the case, please let me know. I know that if one place was terribly hit by AIDS is San Juan, PR, specially people who used to party at Bachelors in the late 70s, very early 80s, when it ad its grandest days, when Pablo and Papo were DJing, before Juan and Pedro passed. U can write directly to me: promomiami@aol.com

Luis Castro |

I came accross this site tonite and I can't believe Papo listed his number. I hope he has not changed it, he'll be glad to hear from me when I call him tomorrow. He'll be happy to know both Raul and I are alive and still together, almost 35 years. He was responsible, with his good music, for Raul and I meeting that
August 10, 1978 at Bachelors. So many are gone, including Juan and Pedro, life has not been easy for our disco generation, too many good people with whom we party week after week, as a big happy family, are no longer in this world.

Iliana |

Hola, I frequented Bachelor many times with my wonderful gay friends which I will love forever and and ever. What really blew my mind in Bachelor was Barabara Striesands, song about,...."It's raining , It's pouring, My love life is boring, ect , ect ....All of the sudden you get the sound of the thunder and also the effecs of lightining. I willl never ever forget that moment, and many others. It felt like it was reallly reallly raining inside the Dico....superb!!!!!

DJ Papo |

Hello Orlando this is Dj Papo I happen to stumble on this page and it has been really great to hear from u. We had so many good time together. We have a lot to catch up to. It's been a long time since the Flying Saucer. I would like to get in contact with u. Here is my phone # 813-526-2989. Also think that ur a great Dj that is why u was my partner in crime. Sincerly Dj Papo.

Orlando Torres |

Hi to all, my name is Orlando Torres del Pino. I was the DJ who opened the Flying Saucer in april 14 of 1979. I was 19 years old at the time. Prior to that I worked in Rachid's, Peter's and I also opened Mirage at the San Juan Hotel. I also had played the streets of N.Y where I originated from.

I would like to leave this for the record. The Flying Saucer had 2 good D.J's and Harry was the other one. I opened it he closed it. A few other's played there, a few other's claim that they played there. Shame on those.

My assistant was Roberto. I hired Roberto after Papo from N.Y and Bachelor's turned down the job. Papo was the best D.J I ever heard and a true friend. Papo did Bachelor while Pablo Flores was In Califiornia in the late 70's. I did a few nights in Bachelor to relieve him while he dissapeared into the nigt so he had always been my silent partner in crime. Papo, I haven't seen you in over 30 years so if you're stilI alive, I love you and you were the best. (Oscar from San Juan San Juan, RIP... Leo from Sacramonte RIP... Smiley from Lyon's RIP and the others who are not here)

I left the Flying Saucer to work in El Morocco, an upscale live Salsa Club outside of Isla Verde, where I hung out with the likes of Hector Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz and many Salsa Legends. Too bad they couldn't lay off the poison and passed on.

After the clubs I became a succesful Banker, married and divorced 3 times and retired at 47 because of Hearing Loss and Severe Tinnitus due to the exposure to the loud music.

My main love now is my only son. He's 5 and I waited a long time to have him. He loves Disco and his favorite song is I Will Survive.

Today is October 14 2011, I am 51 and I live in Isla Verde and god do I have stories


HOLA - Just wanting to add my Salutations & Best Wishes!!
My brother Roberto Camacho {Robert} told me about your site ...
He worked there @the Bachelors many moons ago!!

rigoalicea |

para los que le interesa mcoy si exite


There was another DJ in the 70's DJ Harry Rosado, he DJ after hours in Bachelor's and a good friend to Pablo Flores. Harry competited in the early 80's in a competition held in the El San Juan Hotel Disco which Harry was given 2nd place. I was Harry's wife back than.


I was just checking this website and found you guys here talkiing smack... It is good to see names I recognize from the 80's.. Does anyone know what happened to DJ McCoy? from the P-Sue, lazer etc...


The light show in Bachelor was unreal the sound system unbelievable and until today Pablo Flores is the best dj I have ever heard and I know about djing I've been djing since 1980. By the way how can i contact Pablo I'll like to get some of his old tapes.

Baron Lopez |

What Manny Munet said,is true.I never worked there.I worked in Hollywood Disco and Camilot Disco in Old San Juan.

manny munet |

baron lopez and jorge valentin never dj at bachelors,it was me who work with pablo in the years 1980 to 1986 after i was gone jose varona replace me until pablo quit bachelors.


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