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John Ceglia's Top 20 Artists of the Disco Era

Written by Bernard Lopez


Below is a list of John Ceglia's Top 20 Artists that he feels were instrumental in bringing people out to the dance floor.

  1. Stevie Wonder: "Master Blaster"/"All I Do"/"That Girl"/"Do I Do" (plus some of his early 70's classic stuff and as he states, "My all time favorite artist")

  2. Jackie Moore: "This Time Baby" (John's all time biggest club record and one that usually marked the start of the high energy phase for dancers)

  3. Boris Midney: (Just about everything)

  4. Barry White: "You're My First, Last My Everything"/ "Can't Get Enough"/"You're So Good You're Bad"

  5. Ashford & Simpson: (Their body of work and "The Boss" LP)

  6. Quincy Jones: "Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me"/"Somethin' Special"/ "Razamatazz"

  7. Alec Costandinos: "Romeo & Juliet"/"I've Found Love"... LPs

  8. Cerrone: "Give Me Love" (Supernature LP)

  9. Georgio: "E=MC2"LP/"From Here To Eternity" LP

  10. Gamble & Huff: (Everything they touched turned to gold)

  11. El Coco: "Cocomotion" (first record I ever heard in a club)

  12. First Choice: (practically anything...)

  13. Voyage: (First two LP's)

  14. Donna Summer: "MacArthur Park Suite"/"Could This Be Magic," "Working The Midnight Shift/Now I Need You"

  15. The Trammps: "Where The Happy People Go"/"Hooked For Life"...

  16. Gregg Diamond: "Chains"/"Cream"/"Risky Changes"/"Dance Little Dreamer"/"Hot Butterfly"

  17. Rufus & Chaka Khan: "Masterjam"LP ("Do You Love What You Feel"...)

  18. Al Green: "Still In Love With You"/"Let's Stay Together," "Call Me"/"Love & Happiness"...

  19. Change: "Searchin'" LP

  20. Venus Dodson: "Night Rider" (one of John's favorite Jim Burgess mixes)

  21. Alton McClain & Destiny: "Crazy Love" (another of John's favorite Jim Burgess mixes)

Listen to Cocomotion by El Coco: