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Dave's Dance

Written by Daveee


La Flavour - Mandolay
Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair
Bobby o - She has a way of getting....
Jimmy Bo Horn - Spank
Jimmy Bo Horn - Is it in
Mantus - Boogie to the Bop
Change - Paridise
Change - Searching
Change - A Lovers Holiday
Change - In the glow of love
Luther Vandrose - Never too much
Luther Vandrose - Stop to Love
Peter Brown - Crank it up
BB&Q Band - On the beat
Sharon Read - I specialize in love
Fun Fun - Color my love
Lime - Angel eyes
Lime - Your Love
Lime - Babe were gonna love tonite
Mtume - give it on up
Mtume - So you wanna be a star
Weeks & company - Rock your world
Chic - everybody dance
Debbie Jacobs - dont you want my love
Debbie Jacobs - hot hot
Cherelle & O'neil - saturday love
Sky - heres to you
UnlimitedTouch-Searching to find the one
Sandee - your the one
Sandee - Notice me
Seduction - you my one and only
Seduction - Two to make it right
Kano - Im ready
Machine - there but for the grace of god
Hazell Dean - Searchin,looking for love
Vivien Vee - Give me a break
Jackie Moore - this time baby
Denroy Morgan - Ill do anything for you
The system - dont disturb this groove
Cheryl Lynn - Encore
Gino Soccio - try it out
Billy Ocean - stay the nite
Teena Marie - Behind the groove
Teena Marie - I need your Lovin
Teena Marie - Sqaure Biz
Teena Marie - lover Girl
Micheal Jackson-Wanna be starting someth
Micheal Jackson-Dont Stop
Micheal Jackson-Off the Wall
Micheal Jackson-Pretty Young Thing
Micheal Jackson-Heartbreak hotel
Micheal Jackson-Dance and shout
Alisha - To turned on
Alisha - All nite passion
Alisha - Baby talk
Imagination - Just an illusion
Wish - touch me
Cathy Dennis - touch me
Cathy dennis - Just another dream
Brenda K Star - What you see is what...
Stacy Lattisaw - Jump to the beat
Frankie Smith - double dutch bus
SOS band - just be good to me
SOS band - take your time
SOS band - no ones gonna love you...
Evelyn King - Im in love
Evelyn King - If you want my lovin
Evelyn King - Love come down
Stephanie Mills - whats you gonna do..
Stephanie Mills - Sweet sensation
Stephanie Mills - Never knew love...
R.Flack & D.Hathoway - Back together
Quincy Jones - Betcha wouldnt hurt me
Quincy Jones - Razzamataz
Quincy Jones - Ai no corrida
Gap Band - Outstanding
Gap Band - Part Train
Gap Band - You dropped a bomb on me
Rick James - super freak
Rick James - give it to me baby
Nocera - Summertime
Starpoint - Object of my desire
Shalamar - Dancin in the sheets
Shalamar - second time around
Shalamar - A nite to remember
Shalamar - Right in the socket
Sheena Easton - Telephone
Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls
Sheena Easton - Strut
Grace Jones - Pull up to the Bumper
Grace Jones - Demolition Man
Central Line - Walking in sunshine
DTrain - Keep on
Baby Face - Its no crime
Denise Lopez - If you feel it
Denise Lopez - Saying sorry
Jeffrey Osborn - Stay with me tonite
Colonel Abrams - Trapped
Colonel Abrams - Not gonna let
Stevie B - Party your body
Stevie B - I want to be the one
Heatwave - The Groove Line
Heatwave - Boogie Nightes
Young & Company - I like what your doing

Im sure I forgot some
and dont know the names

Listen to There But For The Grace Of God Go I by Machine:

Listen to Searchin' (I've Got To Find A Man) by Hazell Dean:

Listen to Boogie to the Bop by Mantus:

Listen to The Grooveline by Heatwave:

Listen to I Need Your Lovin' by Teena Marie:

Listen to Behind the Groove by Teena Marie:

Listen to Jump to the Beat by Stacy Lattisaw: