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Brasilia Carnival (Greatest Hits Vol 1) (CD)

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Take it to the Limit (Dutch CD)

Everything Is Cool (Dutch CD)

Peabo Bryson
I Am Love (CD)

Faith, Hope and Charity
Life Goes On (CD)

Future Bound (a.k.a. Tavares 6) (Dutch CD)

Surface Thrills (Dutch CD)

Chairmen Of The Board
Chairmen of the Board - The Complete Invictus Studio Recordings 1969-1978

Average White Band
Average White Band - All The Pieces – The Complete Studio Recordings 1971-2003

Nighttime Lovers
Volume 20 (Various Artists CD)

Remember (Dutch CD)

One Second (CD)

Boris Midney
Disco Recharge: Masquerade / Boris Midney: Pinocchio - Black Russian (CD)

Duncan Sisters
Disco Recharge: Duncan Sisters (CD)

James Wells
Disco Recharge: My Claim to Fame - Explosion (Various Artists CD x 2)

Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
Reaching for the World (Dutch CD)

Movin' On (Dutch CD)

Randy Hall
I Belong to You (Dutch CD)

Remixed with Love by Joey Negro
Various Artists (UK CD)

Lillo Thomas
Let Me Be Yours (Dutch CD)

Lillo Thomas
All of You (Dutch CD)

Nighttime Lovers
Volume 19 - Various Artists (Dutch CD)

Roy Ayers
Feeling Good (Dutch CD)

Try It Out (Dutch CD)

Roy Ayers
Love Fantasy (Dutch CD)

First Ladies of Disco
James Arena