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Jimmy Bo Horne

The Legendary Henry Stone Presents Jimmy "Bo" Horne (CD)


1. Hey There Jim 2:37
2. I Can't Speak; 3:19
3. If We Were Still Together 3:03
4. Clean Up Man 2:39
5. You're So Good To Me 3:38
6. Rocket In The Pocket; 4:09
7. Let's Do It 4:09
8. Gimme Some 3:37
9. Get Happy 4:27
10. Don't Worry About It 2:38
11. Music To Make Love By 2:38
12. It's Your Sweet Love 3:17
13. Down The Road Of Love 2:53
14. On The Street Corner 2:31
15. If You Want My Love 2:34
16. Don't Throw Your Love Away 2:15
17. Sweet Love Power 2:55


Henry Stone Music (US) / 2005 / HSM 25010
CD in jewel case

Producer: Various



Legendary Miami record exec, Henry Stone is digging deep into his musical vaults and offering Soul collectors the music they want on a new series of compact discs.

Jimmy "Bo" Horne gets a seventeen song CD compiled from a vast array of singles and gives us a glimpse into his pre-Disco Soul career. The sound is a little spotty on some tracks, but Horne fans may want to check this one out. It's available directly through the Henry Stone website.


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Delmar Browne |

I'm going to have to contact Mr. Henry Stone and inquire about this, Pre-Disco Collection.

An interesting compilation to check out!!!


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