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African Disco

Deep Disco From 1970s Africa - Various Artists (CD)


  1. Shakara Oloje-Lady 4:34 Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka 2003

  2. Get That Groove In 4:11 BLO 1979

  3. Advice From Father 4:51 Buari 1975

  4. Ashewo Ara 6:05 Kabbala 1982

  5. Afro-Disco-Beat 11:56 Tony Allen/Afrika '70 1977

  6. Kaloule Woman 2:58 Malinga Five Avec La Participation D'Allan Shelly 1977

  7. The Way It Used To Be 4:06 Pacific Express 1978

  8. A.I.E (A'Mwana) 2:55 Black Blood 1975

  9. Zombie 4:40 Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka 2003

  10. Money Is The Root Of Evil 10:30 Dan Boadi & The African Internationals 1978


Nascente - Demon Music Group (UK) / 2003 / NSCD 102
CD in jewel case with liner notes

Producer: Various
Compiled by Adrian Gibson



African Disco - Deep Disco From 1970s Africa, is a surprisingly good collection of little known tracks and is the second in a series-the first being Latin Disco.

Take a listen to Buari's Advice From Father and you will instantly recognize it as the backing track to Shake by the Canadian Disco group, The Bombers!

If you don't mind not knowing what is being sung and can appreciate something different, then you should be able to wrap your ears around this. Think of "Soul Makossa" along with other hard core beats and you'll get my drift.

From the CDs back cover:
DJ Adrian Gibson of the world renowned Jazz Caf has pulled together a set of African-Disco floorfillers on this, his newest compilation for Nascente. The album features rare and collectible tracks that have been painstakingly tracked down by Nascente and collected together on one dynamite set. African Disco features tracks by some of the biggest players from the mid to late seventies who fused together pure Afro grooves with the then developing western Disco sound.


Added by Bernard Lopez


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Noman |

A I E and Malinga Five are quite well known songs, the rest is not. Still a very good collection.


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