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Karen Young

Hot Shot - The Karen Young Reheat (CD SIngle)


1. Hot Shot (MaxRoxx Remake) 6:37 Karen Young
2. Hot Shot (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Remix) 11:50 Karen Young
3. Hot Shot (MaxRoxx Dub) 3:46 Karen Young
4. Hot Shot (Daddy's Cool MaxRoxx Dub) 2:30 Karen Young
5. Hot Shot (1978 Bottom's Up Mix) 8:16 Karen Young


MaxRoxx Music (US) / 2007 / Cat # 0027
CD single in slim line jewel case

Producer: Andy Kahn and Kurt Borusiewicz
Writer: Andy Kahn and Kurt Borusiewicz



The late Karen Young originally recorded "Hot Shot" for Mel Cheren's West End record label in 1978. It along with Taana Gardner's "Heartbeat" remain West End's best selling singles ever and still sends people swarming to the dance floors whenever they are played.

Karen Young and co-producer Kurt Borusiewicz are no longer with us, but Andy Kahn who worked on the original production has reworked "Hot Shot" for a newer audience and it has been greeted with very positive reactions from all corners of the globe including a big buzz on Billboard.

While new reworked versions are the mainstay of this CD single, Andy and company also chose to include a slightly EQ'd and enhanced original mix which enhances the experience on newer audio systems. Very sweet indeed and worth checking out! It's available now as a DRM-free higher quality MP3 download.

Andy Kahn had the following to say about this Karen Young project:

The re-release project of Karen Young's "Hot Shot" is finally coming to its climax. This has been a long, arduous road creating mixes that will honor the original 1978 version and offer something new that has validity in the current world of dance music. These five mixes will be released just a few weeks from now. After a few dance labels passed on this project simply because Karen is deceased, these new versions built around Karen's original vocal track, will be released by the production company I've formed with some terrific music people. MaxRoxx Music will be the indie label releasing "Hot Shot" again. Included will be a 12 minute remix that Ralphi Rosario created for us. We will also include the original 1978 version with a sonically reinforced kick and bass line, sounding better on today's club systems with sub-woofers and higher-end equipment that weren't around in the 1970s. We've sped it up to 126 BPM from 120, more in line with today's more common dance tempos.

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andy kahn |

"Hot Shot - The Karen Young Reheat" was released on the MaxRoxx Music label in December 2007. Apparently, Karen's incredible vocal which we left intact from November 1977 when it was originally recorded, has not lost any of its allure. New audiences are discovering the extraordinary, volcanic performance Karen delivered. Those who are familiar with the original classic version from 1978 appreciate its return to the dance floor in clubs everywhere and on dance music radio formats. It is an honor for me to witness such acceptance of our new remixes, along with the re-release of the original 12-inch for the first time in many years. Billboard Magazine's Jan 26, 2008 Dance Club Play chart positioned "Hot Shot" at #20 with a bullet, having entered the chart only 4 weeks ago. Not bad for an artist who died in 1991 and now shares Center Stage on the Dance Chart with artists like Mary J Blige, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and even (yes, it's true!) Mick Jagger!! My deepest gratitude to all of the disco fans who have supported this new release. "Hot Shot" is once again in people's minds, on their lips and in the rhythms of their feet. Karen Young and Kurt Borusiewicz would be very proud as they are now being honored posthumously by the positive worldwide reaction the MaxRoxx release of "Hot Shot" is receiving. I, for one, am in ecstacy. I humbly thank all the disco fans who have embraced my song "Hot Shot" and Karen Young's marvelous recording of it. You are the ones who made it all happen 30 years ago. You have once again made this dream come true. History really does manage to repeat itself. All my best to all of you in 2008!! Andy Kahn

More information regarding this release may be found at maxroxx.com


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